Thursday, October 2, 2014

1-year anniversary: Running and Presenting at the Rochester Writers' Conference

This weekend marks a very special anniversary. This weekend, I began running. When I started, I used Couch to 5K app and couldn't run more than 5 minutes without thinking I should call 911.

With each week, I became stronger until one day, I was running four miles. Me, four miles! I just didn't think that would be possible.

The benefits of running have been life changing.  First of all, I feel good.  My moods are less swingy, and I don't feel that deep dip of depression and anxiety as I used to feel.

I also feel stronger. For the first time, I feel less (not completely) detached to the number on the scale.  I think this might be because I feel more confident with what my body is able to do rather than what number it is.  This is HUGE for me.

So you are probably wondering how I am going to spend this anniversary. I would love to say running on a gloriously crisp autumn day or maybe buying some new, cute running gear.

But I am not.

I am spending it in the doctor's office due to an injury I sustained while running.  I was running backwards so I could talk to my new exercise buddy, and I tripped on a curb.  I went down like a ton of bricks, but carried on with nothing but adrenaline coursing through my veins and a strong desire to finish my workout.

But I was hurt and bruised. The pain wasn't going away. So here I am.

erin janda rawlings mommy on the spot running injury

And after the doctor examined me, she determined that I did not break anything.  I have bruising and swelling.  She said that I need to be taking Advil and using an anti-inflammatory essential oil.  Phew.

erin janda rawlings mommy on the spot running injury

This weekend also marks another anniversary - my first time speaking at the Rochester Writers’ Conference.  Last year, I was so nervous about presenting, but since then, I've had quite a few public speaking opportunities like Live in the D and Listen to Your Mother.  I am hoping to enjoy myself more this time.  

erin janda rawlings mommy on the spot rochester writers' conference

My presentation is about social media branding for writers. However, I am also moderating a discussion about women me writing which I makes me feel a tad bit nervous, probably because I think these women are amazing.

I met Jessica a few years ago, and had a chance to work with her since she a co-producer of Metro Detroit Listen to Your Mother. I am also a huge fan of her blog Four Plus an Angel; she is one of the most beautiful, eloquent writers I know.

And then there is Satori who I also let at Listen to Your Mother.  I also went to her monthly show, Secret Society of TwistedStorytellers.  Talk about amazing!  She is very talented, and I am in awe of her whenever she is on stage.

I am excited to meet Lynne Cobb who writes over at  She has been writing over twenty years, and I am really looking forward to meeting her.

So I am pretty excited about this weekend and feeling kind of proud of all that I accomplished in a year time, if I do say so myself.

Are you celebrating any milestones?  Are you gearing up for a new project or goal?

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