Monday, October 28, 2013

I’m Going to be on Live in the D!

This just in – I am going to be on a panel of moms on the local talk show Live in the D on Channel4.  We are going to be talking about controversial parenting topics with Karen Drew.

Um, did I mention it is live?

Am I nervous?  Yes, yes I am.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself (especially with teaching again and making friends at the new neighborhood bus stop) is that I talk a lot when I get nervous. 

A. lot.

I have been known to ramble on and on. Next thing I know, I have revealed deep, dark embarrassing secrets about myself.  It is as if all my work on creating healthy boundaries goes out the window, and I default to this chatter box that will tell you everything you never wanted to know about me.

Remember that scene in Goonies when Mama Fratelli is about to put Chunk’s fingers in the blender unless he starts talking.  So he spills his guts about everything.  EVERYTHING.  Even the time he brought fake puke in the movie theater and made everyone sick?

That very well could be me.  I am hoping to be articulate and graceful, like Gloria Steinem or Sheryl Sandberg.  But I am not going to totally discount the chance that I could be more like Kathy Griffin (who is totally awesome but not in a "family friendly live TV" kind of way).

So please be sure to tune in tomorrow at 11:00am on Channel 4 to see me on Live in the D.  If I end up sounding like a mix between Chunk and Kathy Griffin, just please pretend it never happened.

Have you ever been on live television?  Any tips on would be greatly appreciated.

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