Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer, Moving, and the Never-Ending Unpacking Phase

Um I don't mean to start this blog post so abruptly, but why didn't anyone tell me how hard moving is?

Wait, they probably did. But I just couldn’t wrap my mind around just how taxing it would be on my sanity. 

Medicine cabinet box in the dining room?  Why, yes, that makes sense. 

Clothes on a heap on the floor because I don't know where to put them?  Totally acceptable. 

Let's just leave those boxes there since they don't have anything we need and we are not tripping over them.

This is the only part of the house that is organized.  When I can't take it anymore, I look in here with all the boxes in order and feel a sick, strange yet sweet sense of peace.  

I didn't think it would take me this long to unpack, but I also underestimated the time it would take for me to run Thomas to and from school while driving 30 mins each way to Marie's old school. Literally, I haven’t been home for more than two hours at a time.  During that fleeting time,  lunch would be served and cleaned up.  This, of course, took much longer than expected since I could remember where I put all the kitchen stuff.

I also picked up some extra freelance stuff.  Then it was the end of another semester.

Did I mention I had family in from out of town, too?

I think my rock bottom in trying to manage this was when I fell into a deep, delicious slumber . . .  in the school parking lot waiting for Marie to get out of school. I woke up with a start, confused about where I was. 

This is probably how a celebrity feels when she has to be hospitalized for "exhaustion." Except I really was exhausted and didn't have any fun partying my way to "exhaustion."

But now the kids are out of school,  and I have 2 weeks before the beginning of the next semester to get my act together.

So here's to summer! And new adventures. And finally making this place a home.

How did you kick off your summer? Also, have you moved? Please tell me this stuff in boxes will find a home.


Unknown said...

I completely relate to this. It's so hard to get things unpacked! Eventually the messiness becomes an organized messiness, and suddenly you realize you are complacent with this. This is point I got too. We are about to move again, so I hope to not let this happen at our new home. My advice is unpack now before you get to the point where you barely even notice the boxes anymore! :)

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Meredith said...

Great post! I work for a full service moving company, and I know most (if not all) of our customers relate to the same feelings that you're having. Don't worry - the boxes will eventually unpack and you'll start to feel like you're home.

Good luck with your summer!

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