Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pool Time

Pool Time

We have been clocking in a lot of pool time, which in theory, would seem like a relaxing way to spend the summer.

Growing up, I had a pool, and I vividly remember the feeling carefree as frolicked in the water.  I remember nagging my mom to look at each and every acrobatic trick I did in the water, and then requested an in-depth analysis of my performance.  After seeing a movie with Esther Williams in it, I was pretty sure I was destined to be a synchronized swimmer.  

Between spending every day in the pool along with a never-ending supply of popsicles, life just seemed like a vacation, really.

But working behind the scenes at the pool as a parent is a *totally* different experience.  

First of all, Thomas and Marie are at different swimming levels which means that they are never together.  I feel like my head is on a swivel as I try to watch them both at the same time.  It doesn’t help that there is not a lifeguard at our neighborhood pool, either.  So for the duration of the time at the pool, this the frantic monologue scrolling on a never-ending loop in my head:

  • OK, Marie is over there, and Thomas is right in front of me.
  • Wait, is that the mom that lives down the street from me?  And she has a little boy Thomas’s age?  We should exchange info for a playdate. 
  • Marie wants me to throw the diving rings.  Yes, Thomas can throw them, too.  Oh no!  He just about hit that lady in the head with a ring.
  • How long have we been in here already?  Hours?  No, just 20 minutes.
  • Wait, where is Marie?  Oh, over there.  OK.
  • Thomas wants to jump in?  Yes, this is so exciting!  Wait!!  The tubes in his ears!  
  • Are they dehydrated?  Maybe they need some water?
  • Is that my kid screaming?  Thank goodness, no.
  • I am disturbed by the joy Thomas gets out of splashing me, yet almost pulls my tankini top down when he uses it to dry off any little sprinkle of water that may come in contact near or around his general eye area.
  • We are turning red.  It is time for more sunblock.  The dreaded sunblock.  Slathering this stuff on is *almost* as bad as struggling with a snowsuit.

End scene.

I love how all this pool time tires them out.  I worry less about screen time knowing we have clocked some serious active time.  We have been outside more these past two weeks than we have been all last summer.

But I am tired after the pool, too.  Like ridiculously tired.  Laundry is an afterthought.  I have not cooked a real meal in weeks; I am assembling ingredients and calling it dinner.  I am getting work done in the early morning hours or late into the night.  

Although this unlimited pool time has been fun, I am not sure it is sustainable.  I may have to dig deep into my Pinterest pins about creating some kind of rhythm to ensure we don’t all implode due to summer burnout.

Do you have access to a pool or some other body of water?  How do you hang there and get a minimum of stuff done around the house?


Unknown said...

My daughter is only 7 months, and the pool already wears both of us out. From your post it doesn't sound like it's going to get any easier. But she loves the water, so I shall deal. :)

Anonymous said...

We have had a pool for many years. I have the same routine every year. In the early morning I do all chores for the day, then pool time is after lunch until 4. They rest or play quietly while I make dinner. If it is really hot we will swim after dinner too.

It works well for us. Swimming is tiring. I never plan to do anything major afterwards.

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

I know! At least the water is warm, right?

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

This is great advice! I think I am going to try and implement some version of this so I can enjoy the rest of the summe.r