Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Philosophy on Discussing Politics

 someecards.com - I like to discuss my politics like I get ready in the gym locker room: quietly, discreetly, and with great personal space for the completely naked person standing next to me.

I love Facebook.  I love Twitter.  I am starting to take my relationship with Google+ to the next level.  I am flirting with Path.  Regardless of the platform, I love social media.  I love emotional transaction I have across all my favorite social media channels.
Having said all of that, there is a super fine line of harassing and over sharing.  There is even a finer line between sharing and preaching.  And nothing like a political election to completely erase any lines of civility and respect.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that my Facebook feed has been cluttered with people preaching yelling sharing their political views.  I totally support respectful, intelligent political debates mixed with a passion.  I giggle at the funny, witty comments (look at me! I’m in a binder)!

What I feign is the spewing of a personal view point as fact (without documentation – a leftover occupational job hazard from my English teacher days).  And what’s worse is the berating of an individual when he/she disagrees with said personal view as fact.

Here’s the thing: when you post something controversial in an inflammatory way, whether it be political or not, chances are people who disagree with you are going to comment.  I am so sick and tired of the bullying and retaliation.  I am tired of those who aggressively and irresponsibly use their freedom of speech.  I am exhausted that these individuals do not own that their way of belligerently communicating their views *may* not persuade others to see your point of view.  And I don’t know what is worse – the original domineering comment or the condescending way of expressing their point of view.

It’s aggravating.  It makes me itchy and cringy.  Some of these rants get so out of control that I find myself saying, “This is ridiculous!   I totally don’t agree with this at all.  Oh, wait.  I do agree.  My vision was just clouded by all venom of their negativity.”  Most of these hostile zealous tirades are between family members.  And I’m not sure if anyone has done the math, but after the election, we will all be in the same room in 3-7 weeks due to a little thing called the holidays.  This may not bother the instigators, but I am going to work out like a crazy person because I know that I will be relying on carbs and wine to get through those awkward moments.       

I just don’t see why more people don’t take a page out of this amazing book of the Twitter sensation @PaulRyanGoseling and use some humor to get the point across.  Here’s a wonderful example of how to influence without being an ass:


Here’s my bottom line: Be passionate!  Be excited!  Be inspired! (And if you are a superstar, be funny)!

But don’t be rude and disrespectful just because other people have a different view.

It’s causing me anxiety.  And I am having a hard time not eating my feelings and gaining weight because my Facebook feed is lacking finesse and manners.

How are you handling the crazy political frenzy in your social media feeds?


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I have not been on FB for weeks for any length of time. I will resume normal FB actvities on Nov. 9. Hopefully it will all have died down.

Unknown said...

I agree with Rebecca. IF I've opened my FB page recently, it's peeking through the fingers I have over my eyes.

I love your comment, "It makes me itchy and cringy"....a perfect description.

It all comes down to respect....for the person and for their views. It's like those "zealous" people are caricatures of themselves in better times.

Thanks for the great post. I'm gratful.

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