Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Season by Numbers

Hi! I am happy to report that Part 1 of Birthday Season (the part in which I am the hostess/director/ producer/event coordinator) is now complete (except for one, which I will get to in a moment). And in case you don’t know what Birthday Season is, it is the time between the end of March to the middle of May where there are a ton of birthdays and holidays. . . kind of like Christmas, but waaaayyyyy a tad longer than the Christmas season. I would not say that I escaped unscathed, but I didn’t end up getting invited to stay in a facility that has padded rooms either, so I guess that’s a win for me.

Also, on a pretty big side note, I had an awesome experience with Macomb Patch this last week as Jenny followed me as a Stay-At-Home Mom for the Macomb Patch Spring Tour. Check out the video here. And please be kind. . . I was so incredibly nervous when she asked me what makes a good mom. Also, do not fear, I will not be vlogging anytime soon. Promise.

Instead of going into a long dissertation about the past weeks, I decided to give you a condesnced version in a format that is inspired by the lovely Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka. (She also has the awesome site called Band Back Together. This month is Mental Health Awareness month, and this site is doing some incredible things about breaking the stigma attached to mental illnesses. Please go check it out).

So without further ado, I bring to you, Birthday Season by Numbers:

7 – the number of family birthdays within Birthday Season

3- the number of Costco cakes I ate (well, not the whole cake, just a lot of it)

5 – the number of gallons of ice cream I bought

3- the number of family parties we did not attend to due to serious illness

1 - the number of events we did not attend to due to our illness

1 - the number of events left to be hosted at my house as a makeup to the said missed dates due to personal illness

1 - the number of events cancelled due to the monsoon season

4 - the number of projected events hosted at my house

2 - the number of actual events hosted at my house

523 - the number of Costco trips for essentials like cake, wine, and turkey rollup party platters

3 - the number of times I ate Mexican during Birthday Season

10 - the number of days Harrington was out of town on business during Birthday Season

250 – the number of near misses for having a nervous breakdown

1 - the number of bridal showers I attended and planned during Birthday Season

14 - the number of days that my Mom and I planned a bridal shower

476 - the number of times that it felt good to see my cousin and his wife-to-be since they live so far away

6 - the number of birthday parties left to attend during Part 2 of Birthday Season

1 - the number of princesses parties that Marie attended in which all 8 guests were jumping on the trampoline at once without a net

1,000,645 - the number of seconds I held my breath hoping Marie didn’t fall off, waiting for the hostess
mom to stop chain smoking long enough to say something, and when she didn’t, I finally told Marie to get off the trampoline

3- the number of parents that stayed at the party even though she said it was fine that parents stayed, but once there, the vibe suggested otherwise

0 - the number of times Marie will go back to that house without me

18 – treat bags of Mommy’s Special Snack mix (comprised of pretzels, raisins, and 1 table spoon of M&M’s) that I made for Marie’s birthday snack for school since I decided to be a kill joy and not bring in pop tarts or cookies since those treats are brought in on a daily basis as “healthy snacks.” (A side note: “Real Fruit Flavor” is not the same as “Real Fruit”)

1 - the number of parties at Rochester Play for Marie’s big 5 year old birthday

373,047,808,3748,374 - the number of smiles had by all the guests because the people at Rochester Play know how to throw The. Most. Perfect. Birthday. Party. Ever.

0 - the number of parties I plan on having at my house after such a successful offsite party. Really, Rochester Play, you are so, so awesome!

570 - the number of times I wanted to blog, but was too tired after planning

1,000 - the number of times I feel relieved to get back to blogging because you know, I love it and it makes me happy.

1 - the number of days we celebrated Easter with an awesome brunch and my brother’s delicious biscuits and homemade sausage gravy

1 – the number of days we celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom, Mother-in-law, and Aunt Carol

0 - the number of days I planned Mother’s Day

7 - the number of days I wondered when Harrington and my Dad were going to start planning Mother’s Day

245 - the number of times I was thankful that my Dad made the perfect mojito and Harrington got me the book I was so desperately hoping for

5,783,754,870,734,087,021 - the number of I felt super lucky to be a mom to some pretty incredible Babes

1 – the times I went to Chicago with my Mom and Marie to visit my cousin and Aunt Diane to see my cousin’s end of the year project for her master’s program and celebrate the completion of Birthday Season Part 1

1,000 - the number of times I was thankful the the naviagation device on my phone delivered me from my home to Chicago safely and accurately

1 - the number of times we attended Kindergarten Roundup

5 - the number of times I stopped myself from crying because my little girl is Going. To. Kindergarden.

25 – the number of pounds I should have gained during this season (see number of Costco cakes and gallons of ice cream)

0 – the number of pounds gained thanks to zumba and yoga and IBS (mostly, the IBS)

9,578,402,183,659,120,978 – the number of times I felt lucky to have great family and friends

9,578,402,183,659,120,978 - the number of times I was getting down about the drama that often surrounds Birthday Season

Well, I think that pretty much sums up the past month and a half. So, what’s new with you? Anything good? Or not good but want to share? I’d love to hear from you!


Unknown said...

Wait, ALL that and ONLY FIVE gallons of ice cream???

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

thank god for dads and their mojito making skills! that is a LOT of birthdays!!

Kendra said...

Wow, that's a lot going on. And just to pick out a single point: I would like to offer up a "HELL YES!" on the "fruit flavor does not equal fruit." I will admit that we don't buy all organic fruit, and my kids happily ingest chicken nuggets. But I don't generally buy fruit snacks; they're a special treat. I just can't treat anything that contains the word "food" as actual food! (as in "cheese food")

Hope the second half of the birthday season goes more smoothly!

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

Moonspun, you are right. We needed more ice cream. Can one ever have enough of Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream? I don't think so.

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

I agree Elizabeth!

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

Kendra, hellz yeah to your hell yes!