Friday, October 1, 2010

Feel Good Friday – Vancouver in Review

I did it!  I made it across the country, through three time zones and Customs, and reached the foreign country of Canada. Overall, it was an exciting adventure, and since this is a Feel Good Friday post, I’m going to stick with the fun stuff and leave the introspective observations for another post.

I forgot how much I loved to travel. The thought of being somewhere different and interesting always got my blood pumping. I was reminded of this love when I saw this:

I live in the Midwest and the scenery where I live really lacks that beautiful, rugged mountain look. I always feel inspired when I see different scenery.

When we got to the room of the Four Seasons, we ordered a little snack:

I've never really ordered room service ever.  The cheese platter was awesome, and I felt the honeycomb added a little something extra to the blue cheese.  And the crab cake balls - outstanding!

We then got ready to go to the cocktail reception party. It reminded me a little bit of the Mouthy Housewives party with all the free wine and delicious snacks. Well, that’s pretty much the only similarity. And since I’m on the subject of food, there was this big, breaded thing on a stick, and being around The Babes all the time, I TOTALLY thought it was a chicken nugget. Ah, but alas, I was pleasantly surprised by finding it was a big, giant delicious prawn. Yum! Unfortunately, there are no pictures to document this delectable treat because I was trying really hard to fit in (because we all know networking is a skill I am trying to improve), and I thought that taking pictures may put a damper on my goal to blend right in.

The next day we went on The Tour. It was AWESOME! I have always wanted to see the nature of the Pacific Northwest. These pictures pretty much show it all:
Up Grouse Mountain in a gondola . . .

. . . to see some bears (which look really quite gently when taking a sip from a pond). . .

 . . . to see a lumberjack show . . .

 . . .then back down the mountain to see a resevoir. . .

. . . and a dam . . .

. . . then we walked across the Capilano Suspension Bridge which is 230 feet high and 450 feet long (unfortunately I didn't realize that this was going to such an Indiana Jones-esque adventure because I would have brought my fedora and whip). . .

. . . this is what is below the bridge. . .

. . . to a treetop area with lots of little suspension bridges which reminded me of where the Lost Boys from Peter Pan would live. . .

. . . then we ended our tour at the fish hatchery to watch salmon jump up stream and  learned all about their life cycle which sounds kind of uninteresting but was actually quite fascinating.

Something about this part of the world nestled itself right into my soul. I know that sounds corny, but I fell in love with this scenery. I am, what I consider, mainly a beach girl. But lately, I have had this yearning to go to somewhere mountainous. I would love to go back to a place like this and spend some time there.

In addition, I did meet some nice people. This is a good thing because now I know some people when I have to do this all over again in another six months in another city.

You know that saying about one of the best things about traveling is going back home. Totally true:

Home is where the heart is. . .right here with these Babes.

So, do you have any travel plans? Where’s your favorite place to go?

Hope you have a great weekend! It’s great to be back!


Diane said...

Wow....those pix are fantastic! I would love to see that. Did they find your luggage?
My travel plans? Going to my Gulf of Mexico condo in 8 working days (but whose counting?) and traveling to Orlando to speak at a convention in November and numerous trips to Columbus to hold my beautiful Zoe. Oh yeah! We just got back from Chicago... fun, fantastic times!

New York Mama said...

Vancouver is BEAUTIFUL, especially through your eyes, words, & pics!! Please do let us know about the luggage.
I'll be traveling from my home in NYC to the beloved land of my amazing family (Michigan) for a very special occasion in a week! Traveling is one of my passions! Besides trips to Michigan and Florida throughout the year, I will be going to Costa Rica or somewhere in the Caribbean (finalizing plans now.)We were planning a trip to Europe this summer, but have two not to be missed, spectacular family events to attend, instead. We are very psyched! One is in Madison Wisconsin and the other is in a very beautiful part of Michigan! We will be traveling to about 5 different states for our sons traveling baseball league. Based on the 34 days of travel we did this past summer just for baseball, it should be a blast. We have a trip in the works to Boston to look at colleges and r & r. We hope to squeeze in a trip to visit many good friends in San Miguelle de Allende, Mexico. I'm an ocean girl too, but living in the mountains there is vitalizing. The weather is so wonderful that there aren't any furnaces or air conditioners in the homes because they are not necessary, only fire places and ceiling fans
As much as I LOVE to visit other areas,I agree, there is no place like home!The pic of your darlings is priceless!!!

New York Mama said...

I will add to post above, that I have a passion for travel that is super cheap and bargains, (otherwise couldn't go as often)! Flying with miles, taking advantage of beautiful places to stay with discounts,bargain package trips, especially love living like a local by visiting friends in other countries who also come & visit me in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute my friend... You have never done room service?! I LIVE for that. Even though it is totally expensive, it is the best part of staying in a hotel.

What a wonderful trip and fab pictures too. You get to travel again? How fun!!!!

Have a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Vancouver, hope you enjoyed yourself. I have lived here for over 10 years and have never made it up to Grouse, so good for you! Love your blog,

Wendi said...

I'm so glad you posted the pictures--it looks gorgeous!

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

Diane - yes, they found our "delayed luggage." It apparently was not done visiting the Twin Cities. Glad you had a blast in Chicago, and your travel plans sound like fun!

New York Mama, your travel plans sound incredible!!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up, I can't believe it took me 32 3/4 years to have proper room service.

A Mountatin Momma, you are so lucky to live in VAncouver. I must also say that we took a gondola up to the top. Thanks for stoping by my blog!

Wendi, it really was beautiful. Like nothing I've ever seen.

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