Friday, September 17, 2010

Feel Good Friday. . . Sort Of

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Well, I have to say this week was really fun, pulling a John C. Mayer with my dear Aunt Becky.  Kathy M. Griffin, I *heart* you, and I hope that you see my post named As Maggie Griffin Would Say on Kathy Griffin’s show My Life on The D-List on Bravo TV Network, “Tip it!”  Anyway, enough of all that . . .for now.

So this time next week The Hubs and I will be going on an all expense paid trip to Vancouver for his work conference.  This will be the first time we will have gone anywhere together since Marie was 9 months old.  If you do the math, it’s like 3 ½ years ago.  And the only time I have ever left them both was my Spa-venture, which was only 4 hours away. 

So next week, The Hubs and I will be traveling eight hours by plane, thru three time zones, clear across the land to the foreign country of Canada.  YIKES!  Now Harrington was all worried about it being an 8 hour flight because that’s such a long time to be in a plane.  Really?  Eight hours where I can sit by myself and read and/or sleep sounds like a relaxing way to spend the day.  A far cry from the two eight hours days in The Mini with the Babes and my Mom all the way to New York for BlogHer.  Which was the longest. Car. Drive. Ever.

I’m also really excited because we’ll be staying at the Four Seasons!  Can you believe that?!  Plus we get to go on some tour of the islands and see wild bears and lumberjacks and the blue ox Babe.  (Well, I just threw in the blue ox part).  This is all Feel Good Friday stuff, right?

So here’s where the sort of part: I feel guilty about enjoying this awesome opportunity because I didn’t necessarily “earn,”  like I’m riding his coattails.  And when I think about it, that’s really ridiculous because when he’s working all those extra hours, I’m working all those extra hours, too.  It just feels weird to be doing something like this.  I guess he got to enjoy all my BlogHer 10 swag, like my Jimmy Dean alarm clock, Jimmy Dean Coupons, Eucerin lotion, DreamSakes package and my new LG vacuum from the Mouthy Housewives party (when I hopefully get it soon).  But somehow that just doesn’t add up to a free vacation (for me at least) in Vancouver at the Four Seasons. 

Also, I’m sick to my stomach leaving The Babes.  I know it’s good for everyone (me, them, their alternative caregivers), but it still makes me nervous.  I don’t even want to get into all the what ifs because there’s a gagillion. 

But enough, because this is Feel GOOD Friday.  I will feel GOOD about this because I deserve a break with Harrington.  And The Babes will be fine.  Don’t you think three years is a long time without a break?  I do.

So what’s going on with your, Friends?  Any exciting plans in the mix for you?

Have a good weekend!


dollycas aka Lori said...

Have a GREAT TIME and ENJOY YOURSELF!!!Who knows when you will have the chance again!!!
Take lots of pics to share with us when you get back!!


Angel said...

Yay for a free vacation!! Have fun, and try to relax. Everyone needs a mommy time-out now and then. :-) I can't wait to see pictures! Thank you so much for reading my story, I know it was long. Part two is posted now, and even longer, lol. :-) Again I hope you have a fantastic time on your vacation!!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thanks, ladies!

Angel, I'llbe over at your blog reading your story this weekend!

Moonspun said...

You will have a great time and a free trip. All will be well and your kids will be no worse for wear. Me? I got me a new job that I am excited about.

purplume said...

I love to travel and stay in nice hotels.
Have a wonderful time.

~Laura said...

Free vacation! I say enjoy yourself and time with hubs. No worries.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

October 16, 2008 was our last date. It totally understand both your nervousness and excitement! If we had someone to watch our girls I would be out of here in a heartbeat, but I too would see every sniffle as a potentially life threatening illness that I wouldn't be here for.

So I will have to live through you and your adventure. Oh what fun you will have!!!!!! It is just too exciting.

Mom et al said...

I have a feeling that once you get on that plane you will get over it. : ) Enjoy your time together! It is essential, and yes my friend, you have earned it.

Annie said...

As a fellow SAHM trying to blog and find income while at home, I say ENJOY IT!! In fact, I am so jealous!!!! So jealous. We work our butts off and while our husbands definitely work theirs off, you said, all of their extra hours at work/school/etc. mean extra hours for us running the home and kids alone. You completely deserve this vacation as much as he does. Honestly.