Thursday, September 16, 2010

TAKE 2: As Maggie Griffin Would Say on Kathy Griffin’s show My Life on The D-List on Bravo TV Network, “Tip it!”

So guess what?  Kathleen M. Griffin doesn't pull up Kathy Griffin in Google.  So this is the same post as last time, but I switched it to Kathy Griffin.  Because I'm not quitter, yo.  This is pretty much the same thing except I added a few more links, like va-jazzled (as if bikini waxing isn't enough).  So don't feel like you have to  read it again, but pretty please leave a comment mentioning Kathy Griffin as many times as you can.  Thank you!  *hugs*
Today I will be conducting an experiment in karma and SEO strategy. Or, since I am one of the Merry Band of Pranksters, a prank. Read how Aunt Becky is the George Clooney of practical jokes of The Internet. (Read it now, people, before you go any further or this is post won’t make any sense). (Thank you). (Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you). (Done)? (Great, now let’s get started). (And quality of writing is forsaken for the short time I have to write this).

Kathy M Griffin is my Target. Kathy Griffin and I have a history. I thought she was awesome since the first time I saw her doing her Play That Funky Music White Boy commercial. Pure genius! I remember seeing her do her standup routines on HBO when I was just a wee lass (Did I mention that Kathy Griffin is Irish)? She was also hilarious in Suddenly Susan with Brooke Shields. She was also in the Eminem Real Slim Shady video and one of my all time favorite movies, Pulp Fiction.

I have been a fan of Kathy Griffin for a long, long time. So imagine my sheer delight when she began her own show on Bravo TV Network called My Life on the D-List. My Life on the D-List debuted around the time Marie was born. Kathy Griffin offered the kind of comic relief that I so badly needed. Andy at Bravo TV Network, you are a genius to give Kathy Griffin her own show. You must never cancel her show My Life on the D-list. Ever. Kathy Griffin is so incredibly smart and I love how she brings causes to the forefront all while using her gift of humor.  I mean she va-gazzled herself to promote pap smears and acting out in the interest of poor, little girls forced to wear fake teeth to perform in beauty pagents. 

And seeing her live did not disappoint. Going to see Kathy Griffin was the first real outing I had with The Hubs after Marie was born. I was a nervous wreck leaving her for the first time. I had no idea what to wear because I was still mostly in maternity get-up. I think the name of that tour was called Straight to Hell. I also saw her for my birthday when she toured with She'll Cut a Bitch. Harrington came up with that idea as I was puking my guts out in the hospital with serious morning sickness. Great idea, Harrington! And then for the following birthday, I got her new autobiography Official Book Club Selection. Hard cover. Yes, that’s how much I love Kathy Griffin.

Yeah, Dude, Kathy Griffin ROCKS! 

Kathy Griffin, you have been a part of some very special moments in my life. You have taught me what it takes to be a Strong Black Woman. You have made a difference in my life because you made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry a river of postpartum tears. Or throw up due to pregnancy hormones. Thank you.

And, Kathleen M. Griffin, if you are reading this, I know just how badly this post is written. It does not do your level of comedic genius any justice. Please refer to the following posts for a better sample of my writing. And please send my best to Tiffany Rinehart, Maggie Griffin, and Tom Vize.
Now excuse me while I go TIP IT!!


Aunt Becky said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'll cut a bitch for Kathy M. Griffin, especially after you pull a John C. Mayer on Kathy M. Griffin.

New York Mama said...

Kathy Griffin is something else. That Kathy Griffin is sure lucky to have you as such a devoted fan. Kathy Griffin is lucky to have you write your blog about her, Kathy Griffin.

Misty said...

Kathy M Griffin should cut you some $ for promoting her! :)

Moonspun said...

It is a funny show, I've seen it a couple times...she's balsy and I admire that.

n8rlvr said...

LOL! I love it that you pulled a John C. Mayer on Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin rocks. Kathy Griffin is totally John C. Mayer prank worthy. I hope Kathy Griffin finds this blog and says that she enjoyed being John C. Mayer-d

I totally pulled a John C. Mayer on Jack Handey. Check it:

Anonymous said...

I love that you John C. Mayered Kathy M. Griffin. I wonder what the M. in Kathy M. Griffin stands for anyway. I hope it's something funny like Matilda or Mildred because Kathy M.ildred Griffin frankly sounds quite hilarious and totally John C. Mayer-ing worthy.

I will have to google Kathy M. Griffin and see what pops up...then I have to decide which celebrity I will John C. Mayer...but not
Kathy M. Griffin, cuz Kathy M.Griffin is all you baby.

Typing this comment may have given me a brain aneurysm.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Kathy Griffin rocks.


Kathy Griffin.

Angie said...

I absolutely agree - Kathy Griffin is full of teh awesome. Your tribute to Kathy Griffin is also full of teh awesome, and brings a tear to the eye.

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for posting such awesome comments about Kathy Griffin. That Kathy Griffin, she sure is awesome! I think if she knew that I pulled a John C Mayer on her, she would think it was awesome and put it in her act about how d-list that was.

Thanks again, and I am sure Kathy Griffin thanks you too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking at my awesome carrot (which i made into soup)

I finally wrote my own John C. Mayer post..

Ralph Macchio is almost as amazing as kathy Griffin. kathy Griffin edges him out tho because she has that red hair. Red hair like Kathy Griffin's is awesome. Kathy Griffin ftw

Rebecca said...

Good for you for pulling a John C. Mayer on Kathy Griffin! Awesome idea from Aunt Becky on mommywantsvodka, huh!? I'm excited because I pulled a John C. Mayer on ...Adam M. Lambert

Chrisi said...

Kathy Griffin, you are a funny lady. Maybe I will change my Paul W. Walker IV to Paul W. Walker instead to make the attempt you have with Kathy Griffin. Or maybe Paul Walker will do. I have to make it to the top of the list yo!