Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am back from my Girls’ Weekend, and let me just begin by saying, this: a plain, old massage or pedi at a regular salon/spa will never, ever compare to my spa-venture. I am forever spoiled.  My friend, Ann, and I had been planning this for a year and a half. Sometimes when I plan and plan and build it up, there’s a tendency for the experience not to live up to my extremely high expectations. So not the case, thank goodness!

We went to Boyne Mountain in northern Michigan. We stayed at The Mountain Grand Lodge and went to Solace Spa. Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised when we walked into our room.

Rustic Mountain meets Shabby Chic

View from Our Room
Friday night, we kept a low profile so we would be ready for our 10am Gentle Yoga(ish) class (really just stretching without all the poses and connecting with breath). We checked into the locker room and got our locker. And by “locker”, I mean a charming closet with a robe and towel. And by “locker room”, I mean a luxurious space with tons of products to use.

I felt that if I was truly going to embrace this spa-venture, I should try The European Spa Bathing Ritual. For those novices like me, first you get as “nude as comfortable,” and for me that was my tankini (as opposed to other women who were walking around nude as nude). (And if I looked like that, I may have done it, too). It’s like circuit training for the elimination of toxins from the pores. There are three stations: a whirlpool, a steam sauna with eucalyptus, and a cedar sauna. (The steam sauna was my favorite; who knew humidity could be so relaxing if I didn’t have to chase The Babes at the playground). After each station, a quick, cool shower is suggested. I repeated the process before I took a real shower with lovely lavender- scented products.

Then I got dressed in my ultra cozy robe and sipped on pear-infused water in this private, dimly lit waiting room with chaise couches where silence was strongly suggested. (And let me tell you, it was so quiet in there that the person next to me eating a strawberry sounded likes he was riffling through a bag of chips). My masseuse came to get me for the Silky Smooth Treatment. My whole body was exfoliated, rinsed, sprayed, and moisturized with these wonderful rosemary-scented products. She worked some serious magic because I was beginning to feel a strange sensation: relaxation.

Afterwards, I was offered more pear-infused water and strawberries before I was whisked away upstairs (still in my comfy robe) to the salon for my manicure. During this time, she offered me a glass of champagne. So here I am, sitting in this incredibly plush robe with silky smooth skin, looking out at this beautiful scenery through floor to ceiling windows, sipping on champagne, getting my nails done thinking I had died and gone to spa heaven. And the manicurist could not have been nicer.

I didn’t know something like this even existed. I mean I’ve read about them in fairy tales found in US Weekly, but I didn’t know they were available to us mere mortals. I have lived a sheltered life when it comes to spa treatments. I got a massage done at the gym once, and I had to walk out right into the busy hallway. Total mood killer.

I didn’t realize how the European bathing ritual and distance away from the general public really boosted the overall spa experience. The Relaxation Room was like a little cocoon. The serenity gained on this trip has completely inspired me to incorporate bits and pieces of this experience into my regular life (until I can scheme a way back there). I am not going to consider pampering a luxury; it made me feel too sane and peaceful. And everyone wants to be around a sane and peaceful person as opposed to a stressed-out maniac.

So I’ll start doing yoga again since I hadn’t realized that I had been holding my breath for the past two years. I am going to use their lavender lotion and use eucalyptus oil in my shower every once in awhile. (Now I just have to work on finding that robe. . .) I am also going to attempt to recreate the feeling from the relaxation room. (Suggestions)? And also, Champagne should not be just for special occasions. Because champagne makes everything special. Even Thursday nights while watching Jersey Shore.

In other lessons learned that weekend, ridiculous and desperate drunk guys don’t get any cuter with age . . .or with kids. More on that next time. . .

Sounds  juicy, right?

Anyway, enough about me and my spa-venture. How are you doing, Friends?

NOTE: No one from Solace Spa or Boyne Mountain compensated me for this trip.  This is all me.


ali said...

sounds lovely - i will put this on my to-do list. however i'm so broke, i will have to seek compensation for a blog review :-).

great writing! you really transported me.

i'm glad you are bringing the relaxation home...

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thanks, Ali!

I look forward to catching up with your blog. Sorry I haven't been reading or commenting. Hope all is well!

Fiorella said...

I love the storytelling in this post and can relate to much of it.. like the realizing you've been holding your breath for two years! Ha ha! Anyway, very jealous of you for your spa trip, especially since you describe the experience that I had commented about before, the full body exfoliation. Who knew getting rubbed head to toe with liquid sandpaper could feel so good? I leave in several hours for a Mommies-Only weekend, my first in five years. Very excited! There will be no spa treatment (unless we get drunk and decide to give each other mani-pedis one night) but relaxation is a must for all of us!

Diane said...

I love the spa-cation! If we manage to get to Chicago, we should treat ourselves. I'm telling you, a hot stone massage is pure heaven!

Mom et al said...

That sounded amazing. I always wanted to try something like that but never felt like I could spend the money or round up the girls. Someday!!!

the mama bird diaries said...

Sounds divine!

Now more about the drunk guys.

Danielle said...

That sounds amazing! I totally need a girls weekend out!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Let me say, I got totally sweet deal on this. For every night we stayed, we got $200 in spa gift certificates. And free breakfast. So it was really reasonable. One example where planning really far ahead didn't bite me in the ass.

As for the drunk guys, it'll be up here soon. Just need to wipe the tears away from eyes with Marie starting school. . .and the death of my fridge.

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