Thursday, March 19, 2015

Traveling without kids

This week my husband and I leave for California part business conference/part fun. The last time we left together on a trip like this was two years ago when his conference took us to Marco Island.

Erin Janda Rawlings Mommy on the Spot traveling without kids
The last time we traveled together

The time before that was Dallas. Hours before we were supposed to be on the plane, Marie had just been diagnosed with pneumonia. I struggled if I should stay home, but the grandparents assured me she would be ok. 

She was. 

I was not. 

I cried a lot and wondered what the hell I was doing. 

For the past three years, life has prevented me from traveling with Harrington to these amazing conference destinations. One time it was when I started a new job. Another time was when Thomas started Kindergarten this fall. Then there was the time I had to cancel the trip to Lake Tahoe/Napa when Marie having a hard time adjusting to a new school.

But this time, as of right now typing this, I am on a plane to California. Please note, I did cry the ugly cry at our boarding gate as I wolfed down my Egg McMuffin minus Canadian bacon because too much salt before flying is never a good idea.  I have been so fully entrenched in taking care of the kids, it felt impossible for me to leave, especially when they don’t want me to leave.

Erin Janda Rawlings Mommy on the Spot traveling without kids
Super excited that my non-waterproof liquid eyeliner stood the test of the ugly cry.

Marie is nervous about me leaving (actually, really super anxious), which makes me really super anxious. And than anxiety morphs itself into the strongest, most aggressive kind of mom guilt. 

So Marie asked me to make her coconut cream pie awhile ago, so I finally got around to that. 

Erin Janda Rawlings Mommy on the Spot traveling without kids
Just happy she didn't ask for a pony

I baked a ton of their breakfast muffins so they can keep up the same routine. I've been stockpiling all of their favorite snacks and treats. I show my love through food. 

I also having lovingly prepared countdown bags, an idea I got from my couisin years ago. Each day, they open a bag until we get home so they have a visual of when we get back. And it helps with my mom guilt, and they get fun little treats so everyone wins, really. 

Erin Janda Rawlings Mommy on the Spot traveling without kids
All of the gift bags.

I'm sure everything is going to be fine. And if not, they have enough carbs and ice cream to help them through the bumps. 

As for me, I am planning on the beautiful scenery and beverages of Napa and Sonoma will help me with the bumps along the way.

How often do you travel away from your kids? What do you do to make it easier?

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