Monday, December 2, 2013

Motivational Monday: Setting the Tone for the Holidays

This weekend kicked off my official holiday season. Thanksgiving - check 
Raw, turkey roasted - check (more details later this week.  A little hint: it is crucial to the thermometer in the correct place to avoid bloody turkey legs).

Christmas tree up – check.

This weekend I also realized it is a slippery slope to become negative after a busy social schedule. I am thinking this has something with me having introverted tendencies, which I am learning (thanks Chibi Jeebs on Pinterest), means that I’m not some antisocial freak.  It means that I just have to be sure to take a break. 

But for me, it is easy to get wrapped up in drama of the holidays with a full schedule of family and school functions.

It is easy to lose all boundaries that keep me healthy, both mentally and physically.  I loosen up my personal boundaries because it is the holidays!  Remember all those warm and fuzzy memories . . . that do match up with reality of adulthood?!

Which then makes it hard for me to keep my eating and drinking reigned in.

Which then makes it really easy to stop exercising and going to yoga.

It’s kind of like If You Give a Mouse a Muffin, except I end up bloated and cranky from all the Christmas cookies and wine I have consumed in attempts to rediscover my holiday joy.

But in the famous words of my friend at Flourish in Progress, “I ain’t about that life.”

No, not this year.  I am almost done with my Couch to 5K program and just bought skinny jeans that fit

Well, that and I don’t want to taint my kids’ magical memories of holidays with my meltdowns.

So I decided needed to keep myself motivated with a new series called Motivational Mondays.

To set the mood, I have this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert who just happens to be one of my most favorite authors in the whole entire world.

Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love Quote Mommy on the Spot

I am considering making this my background on my phone so I am constantly reminded of this, especially when my mental health is being tested.

Do you love the holidays?  Do you find it hard to stay in a good mood?

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Chibi said...

I really like the idea of "Motivational Monday" setting the tone for your week (especially considering how much we usually dread Mondays)!