Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Rambles

*said in hushed tones*

Shhhh! It’s a snow day! Although that means not rushing off to drop Marie off at preschool and to take Thomas to story time, it does mean that I will be entertaining The Babes all. day. long. And it looks that my writing time in the afternoon while Thomas takes a two-three hour nap and Marie quietly entertains herself are soon coming to end.

So this morning, I snuck out to the computer like a secret ninja on a mission to get some blogging stuff done. I am working on this post right now, but it’s not flowing right out. Don’t you hate that when you have these thoughts and feelings, but you can’t seem to get the words just right to express exactly what you are feelings? So frustrating, right?

And about this snow day . . . between Al Roker and our local weather man, I thought there would be more snow than this. I could be wrong because I haven’t actually gone outside yet coupled with my deficiency in depth perception, but it looks like we got six inches. Not the eight to twelve that was expected.

And I do not think I was the only one who was expecting a ton more snow since the grocery store was a mad house. I thought I was all set, but yesterday, then the weather man was crying out that THE SNOW WAS COMING RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

I panicked.

I rushed to the grocery store like a frantic fool because we didn’t have any backup milk and we were out of bananas and oh my goodness we need more flour if we are going to do that baking project and we cannot be out of salsa in case The Babes want black bean tacos.

Mind you, I had already gone to the grocery store in preparation for this storm over the weekend so we already had plenty of stuff.

So I get home, and I used the rest of my distilled white vinegar to clean out the humidifier in Marie’s room. OH NO! I ran out of distilled vinegar! What am I going to do?! Wonder if there is an emergency in The Snow Storm that requires white distilled vinegar! The horror!!

Seriously, I need to get a grip when Al Roker looks into the camera with all his doom and gloom. I think he’s talking to that person who laughs in the face of Mother Nature. I totally respect Her abilities and never underestimate Her fury. (No woman likes to be underestimated).

So today, I will be hanging out with The Babes. I am guessing there will be some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street in our future. We will also be trying this:

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies on the Food Network

Marie loves the Food Network. In addition, to anything Giada, she watches Chopped and Worst Cooks in America. When she refused to eat my homemade potpie last night, I half expected her to say, “Mommy, I do not like the flavor profile of this dish. Also, your knife cuts for this chicken need some work. You have been chopped.” It’s coming soon, I know.

Anyway, she has been wanting to make these cookies for months now. Well, here’s our big chance. Let’s home Thomas is along for the ride on this one.

What’s the weather like by you? Are you doing anything fun today?


Michelle said...

I am in Florida so it will be in the 80's here before out cold wave hits, then it will be high of low 70's. Yeah, I know, poor pitiful me. Not doing anything fun. Hoping my son goes to school, had to pick him up from school yesterday because he is sick.

Rachel @ The Lazy Christian said...

I'm actually quite disappointed in Icepocalypse '11. I also hit the grocery in the mad rush on Monday. My husband stayed home from work yesterday. He went in today, but had a little trouble, as the garage door was frozen shut. :) I expected power outages! Downed trees! A foot of ice and snow! Mass hysteria!

Nope. Our power hasn't gone out at all. My hubby and I watched Bonnie & Clyde yesterday while the baby slept, uninterrupted. Just felt like a Saturday. Hmph.

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

@Michelle, I forget what 70 degrees feels like. Hope your son is feeling better today!

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

@Rachel, I am beginning to develop trust issues with the weather man.

Anonymous said...

That is really funny that Marie likes the cooking channel. When I baby-sat for my Grand-daughter we'd also watch the cooking shows, She new all the cooks! and what was coming on next! My Daughter was not amused!

Lindsey said...

Your so funny-a secret ninja!

The weather is sunny and dry here. Mind you its 35 degrees outside but no snow :(

Have a fun day today!

Anonymous said...

I think we're the only ones not getting pummeled with snow, which, WTH? We live in Idaho. How can it NOT be snowing here?

It's sunny and bright out, temp at a crisp 15 degrees. And it should be up to almost 50 by the weekend!

Dude, I am SO ready for spring, you have no idea.

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

@anonymous, the Food Network ROCKS!

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

@Lindsey, thanks!

Erin Janda Rawlings said...

@Lessons, spring seems so far off, doesn't it?

RealMommyChron said...

I actually laughed out loud at the thought of your daughter saying that about your pot pie.

Personally, I hate pot pie no matter who made it. So, maybe she just has good taste like me? ;)

LuLu and Moxley's Mom said...

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! A thorn in my side! Oh, like Daisy Duck would really date Donald in real life.