Friday, January 14, 2011

Feel Good Friday: When Life Gives You Snow, Make Snow Angels

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I have been sluggish and tired and kind of grumpy all week. I have come to the conclusion that it’s not the cold, snowy weather that makes me cranky. It’s having to *go* somewhere in the cold, snowy weather. I would be happy as could be if I could just hibernate on the couch and put off my To Do List until spring.

But I live in Michigan. Spring could come as late as May. And I just don’t think that would be any one’s best interest.

So instead, I shifted my focus. Yes, it snowed more. Yes, I could have stayed in the house. But on this special Thursday, I took this winter by the snow balls and showed it who was boss.

Oh, yes I did . . . when we eventually made it outside.

By the time I put each Babe in heavy clothes and snow pants and boots and heavy coats and hats and mittens and scarves, forty minutes had passed. FORTY MINUTES!!

But we did stay out for a whole twenty minutes. Here are the pictures to prove it:
Thomas does not like wearing hats and mittens. At all.
I’m not sure if you are able to gather that from the
expression on his face. I think he would rather stay
on the couch and watch his shows.
I’m not sure where gets that from.

“WTF! What are these things?
Get them off my hands now.
 I’m sure this is a form of torture.”

Thomas: “Who thinks that this a good time?
There is nothing fun wearing clothes that prohibit my movement
 and restrict my hands. Nothing, I tell you!”

Marie: “Seriously?! He’s ruining this sled ride.”

Me: “OK, Babes! Look this way! Yeaa! This is fun!
We are outside! Isn’t this awesome!”

Finally I let Marie do her thing. Then I proceeded to cave and let Thomas take off his hat and mittens.

Where can I pick up my Mother of the Year award for
letting my toddler play outside in the snow with no hat or mittens?

Marie loves the snow.

I mean, LOVES it!

So when life gave us another snow storm, I decided it was time to make some snow angles. I know it was a lot of hard work, and it was cold. But in the end, I felt really lucky. Lucky that I am able to have these fun, spontaneous moments with The Babes. Lucky that on some random Thursday, we were able to make some memories.

Not a bad way to spend Friday’s Eve, if you ask me.

How was your week? Were you able to find some spontaneity and fun in your week?


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of playing in the snow. It is a long run for a short slide and we all know that they just want the cocoa!

Ok - on another note. WHich post were you submitting for the contest? The link took me to your main page. Thanks!

New York Mama said...

Great pics & post! The babes are both so happy! Look at Thomas's beaming smile, when he is FREEEEE! When my son was young, he NEVER liked to wear most Winter gear, except for major snowball fights. Reminds me of, "What's the definition of a sweater? Something your Mom makes you wear when she's cold."
My boy is 16, so there isn't any mention of "Let's go play in the snow", and better not be. However, if I time it just right & happen to be outside when he is, we still get in some great snowball fights. I make sure to get those all in, because soon he's not going to want to throw snowballs at his Mom!!!

LuLu and Moxley's Mom said...

Adorable! My mantra this winter is "Is it April yet?" It takes me a good hour to get out of the house. And now the girls are starting to care what gloves they wear so that adds in about 10 minutes of me looking for the specific handwear they are demanding.

RealMommyChron said...

HAHAHA! My favorite is, "Seriously?!?! He's ruining this sled ride."

I am reallllly wishing we lived in the suburbs this winter. Spending the forty minutes getting them ready and then walking down three flights of stairs and then walking to public transportation and then walking to the park, just to play in the snow....just plain sucks.

ps. Did you get my email that you WON last week's 'Free Friday!'????