Friday, October 15, 2010

Feel Good Friday – Disney on Ice Presents Princess Classics

Happy Feel Good Friday!  Be sure to check out The Girl Next Door Grows Up and join in!

This Friday’s post should actually be called Feel AWESOME Friday. (This means a lot coming from someone who’s formerly worst day of the week was Friday).

So this morning, when she scampered into our room to say good morning, I surprised her with the news that instead of going to school, we were going to go to DISNEY ON ICE to see PRINCESSES!

It took a moment or two for the news to sink in (she’s not much of a morning person), and then she was EXCITED!

I was ECSTATIC! Kind of like that feeling when you bought someone the PERFECT Christmas gift and you don’t know who’s more excited, the giver or the receiver.

As we were all driving there in the Mini blaring our Disney Princess CD, it felt like we were getting ready for a concert. It was so much fun! And not because it’s my music of choice (even though I know every.single.word), but it was so fun to see her get all pumped up by something that makes her happy.

When we got there, the scene was pretty amazing. All these little girls were dressed up in princess outfits and totally giddy with excitement! And call me sappy, but when I am surrounded by the magic of Disney, I get all warm and happy inside.

Once the show started, both Babes were in awe. Thomas couldn’t believe that he was actually seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person. He kept on poking me, yelling my name, and pointing as if to say, “Can you believe this?! I can’t believe they are REAL!” Marie was completely entranced by the whole entire show. During the first number with Jasmine and Aladdin (who floated on a magic carpet) turned to me and said, “So now when we draw Disney on Ice, we can draw this scene now.” I think we will be reliving this moment in some form whether it be drawing, acting, or reading the program for the next six-eight months.

The program: otherwise knows as The Script (for her reenacted shows)

Decided to put on her costume after she saw a little boy dressed up as Buzz Lightyear

With Grandma D

LOVED IT!  Couldn't take his eyes off of the stage
(until the second act when he wanted to become part of the show)

I wish I could add sound.

During the gilttery, gold finale

And I can see why: Disney and Feld Entertainment do put on a grand ice show. The sets, costumes, music, and choreography are amazing. (And I do consider myself sort of an ice show expert as I talked about in this post about Cedar Point’s ice show.) It’s like they literally take the magic of Disney and bring it right to your town.

But for me, there was something special to watch The Babes enjoying themselves so much I thought my heart was going to burst. We are really turning a corner as Thomas gets older. I feel like we are bonding as a family, and it is nice to be making memories together.

Feel AWESOME Friday, indeed.

Have you done anything magical lately?

Have a great weekend!


Amy said...

I LOOVVVEEEE this! Bless her little heart, that is the sweetest expression in the world:)
Good to know Thomas liked it too. I never really gave these shows much thought because I figured it was mostly a girly princess kind of thing, but my Jackson would be so excited to see Mickey!

I love your last line about turning a corner and making memories as a family. I feel like that right now too. There is no doubt in my mind your kids will remember such a fun day!

Have a great weekend!

dollycas aka Lori said...

TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I remember our oldest daughter 2 at the time 20 years ago seeing Minnie Mouse at Disney World was priceless. She can't remember it but we have pictures and old movies to relive the moment.


purplume said...

Feel awesome Friday indeed. I love how you reminded me of that feeling when you have the perfect gift for someone. It's even better than getting a gift yourself.
I'm doing something magical for the next two weeks. I mention it often including today on my blog.

dearheart said...

What fun. Yay! My 4 year old daughter loves all things princess. Our current favorite cd is the Little Mermaid. We, including me, haven't yet been to the magical mecca, Disneyland, but we're headed there in June. Yippeeeeee!

D. Rawllings said...

It was great for me, Grandma D. I was so excited for my grandchildren to be a part of this and that I was also part of it. Just to see their eyes as we entered the Palace. I felt like I was in hundreds of little girls dreams. I even noticed Marie's actions when Cinderella was in the last act. She touched her picture of Cinderella on her dress and I just knew she felt like she was on the ice. I am so bless to see that in my granddaughters life. Thanks Erin.

~Laura said...

We have done the Disney on Ice shows before and they are always great! So glad you had a great time. I love what you said at the end about your little guy and feeling like your bonding as a family. Awww...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! Sarah loved The Wiggles when she was little and when we saw them LIVE! I thought she was going to drop dead! Then they ran up and around the auditorium and she went nuts that they were near her.

We were pretty excited too, even Emily who was 9 at the time!!!

I am so happy for all of you!

Ali said...

How fun! Luckily for me, my little guy is still at the stage where giving him a box is the equivalent of taking him to a Disney show.

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