Friday, June 25, 2010

Observations from My First Family Vacation - Part 1

We just got back from our first official family vacation since our two new additions, Thomas and Mini. It was awesome! We went to Cedar Point and Soak City. We chose that destination because it is close and reasonably priced, unlike our usual vacation destination of Myrtle Beach which is reasonably priced, but so very far away. I hadn’t been to Cedar Point in 10 years, and even though we didn’t go on a lot of the “big-people rides,” we had a BLAST! However, I just can’t turn my mind off, so I had some pretty interesting observations.

1. I loved seeing Marie’s face light up when she went on the rides. She can be a lot little reserved, but she was a trooper out of her comfort zone and had a blast! Times like that I remember how her first physical therapist was so negative and said that she would never enjoy things like that. Suck it, Marge!

2. Thomas is getting easier now that he’s older. For the first time, I felt like all that hard work taking care of babies was paying off. It was like a light bulb went on, and I realized that one day we will be able to do more fun things as a family. Don’t get me wrong, babies are sweet, but I love being able to do things and go places with my Babes.

3. This trip further affirmed that I am more of Let’s-Go-And-Do-Something-Fun Mom rather than a Let’s-Do-Imaginative-Play-Activities-For-10-Straight-Hours Mom. So I am not going to feel guilty when I am 45 minutes into reenacting the tea party from Alice and Wonderland with Marie’s princesses and not loving it. Because there are other things as a Mom that I am good at.

4. I get why some people don’t like to travel together as a family. If things truly aren’t working at home, then they are only going to get more complicated on vacation. I, conversely, got to discover the opposite. Things are working out at home, but maybe I just don’t always see it because it’s easy to get in a rut and tired and cranky. So I realized that Harrington and I are a good team. He and I worked together in perfect unison. When I took a step back, I realize he does all this at home, too. It was a great eye-opener.

5. I am so grateful that my parents instilled in me the love of travel and adventure. Ever since my brother and I were wee Babes, we always were traveling somewhere. I have so many memories of our trips together as a family; without those memories and experiences, I would be a totally different person. I am so thankful that I have this as part of my core so I can hopefully pass it down to the Babes.
Yes, these are all the warm and fuzzy and lovey observations I made on our first family vacation with our new additions. Next post will be all the amusing scenery that one can only witness at an amusement park.

So, Friends, have you gone on any vacations lately? Have any planned? I’d love to hear about it.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

This is a great post, but my favorite part was re-reading the Suck It, Marge post. What a bitch. I'd like to run into her now and let her know what I think of her. Your daughter (and my great-niece) is a joy and so much fun to be around! It's hard to believe she's the same child that the Gloomy Guses destined to a dreary existence. Credit also goes to you and your husband for your unflinching dedication to doing all you could for her. I can't imagine the world without her and her fabulous sense of humor!

Aunt Diane

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

Hey it sounds like you had a great time! And I am totally a "let's go & do something fun" type. I can't stay in. It's not in me :)

I (we) haven't been on vacation in 2-ish years. Ever since I got pregnant & had my baby. I think it is time to go SOMEWHERE! Maybe the Dells even though that's not very 'baby friendly'.

Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time with lots of memories. We have never been on a "real" vacation as a family. We did just spend a few days down at my fathers wife's cottage. So I guess that could be considered one. Heck, we never even had a honeymoon. I'm looking forward to our first real vacation somewhere farther away then a 15 minute ride, lol.

Mom et al said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time! We have a big family/friend vacation coming up next year. 10 adults and 10 children sharing a house on Virginia Beach. If we hadn't done it before I would agree if you are thinking, "Are you crazy?", but it's a blast. The house is big enough to hold everyone and we're all old friends. And you're right- the older they get the more fun things you get to do together. :)

New York Mama said...

I agree with Aunt Diane with liking the Suck It Marge post! That therapist should have her license revoked for being totally wrong & way off mark. Her "professional diagnosis" caused such needless emotional suffering & worry!

Marie is such a bright light & joy and that woman tried to knock it out of her! Such wonderful kudos to both parents for not accepting what their gut told them wasn't true!

I love the post! Traveling is a big passion in my family too. We have a world map up with pins at all the places we've been to, different colors for each family member. Our son has even managed to visit a few places in the world that we haven't, yet.

Theme parks are also our passion. My husband and son have a goal of going on every major roller coaster in the US. I love the wooden ones & fast regular kinds. The high speed loop de loop, upside down ones are a bit to scary for me. Water rides are all our favorite too!!!

You're making great family memories that will last a lifetime!

Wendi said...

How fun. I love the "go do something mommy" rather than the "imaginative play" mommy idea. I'm with you on the do something.

Ali said...

Yeah, suck it marge! Wow, Way to be strong and survive all that! Of course, its the only thing to do, isn't it?

Glad you got out. We are vacationing to Colombia in October. You'll hear all about it then!

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

Family vacations rank in the top 5 things you should do with your family. Your children will remember those all their lives.

They will remember vacations not when you re-modeled the bathroom.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I am not far from there now on vacation...glad to hear you had a great time. Family vacations are key for your kids. Even if they can be exhausting for adults!