Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If Monday is the new Sunday, then Tuesday is the new Monday

Ever since I have been a SAHM, I feel like Monday has been the new Sunday. Usually the weekend is busy with stuff that is not our routine weekday stuff. Also, with Harrington home, the day just has a different flow. So when Monday rolls around, it’s kind of quiet and laid back. . . as much as that can be with an active 1year old with no fear or boundaries and busy-body almost 4 year old. Usually, we don’t HAVE to be anywhere .

So Tuesday really feels like my Monday. We have important Places to go that are prepaid and important, like preschool. After I drop Marie off, I have exactly 2.5 hours before I have to pick her up. In that time, I have to give Thomas his bottle, put him down for a nap, usually meet up with my wii trainer, spend a bit of time on the computer, wake up Thomas, put him in the car, take him out of the car, put him the stroller, rush into the school, and pick up Marie. I’ll spare you the details of our after school routine. Tuesday has that Monday feeling.

I am going to savor every last drop of this delicious flow because next year it is OVER. Marie will be in 4 year old preschool which is 3 days a week starting at 8:45. Yikes, I know.

So Happy (Monday) Tuesday, Friends!

****I have one, itsy, bitsy small favor to ask of all of you. I am dusting my Twitter account for the 3rd time. I'm also newly on Facebook. Won't you please stop by and say hi? I feel like the new kid in the cafeteria with no one to sit by me. And I really want me and Twitter to work out. Thank you so much!


Unknown said...

I don't twitter, sorry. But I do Facebook...and having worked in retail for a long time, everyone has their own sense of time anyway...
Good for you for savoring the moment...

Bossy Betty said...

So is Wednesday the new Tuesday?

Sorry, I don't Twitter but I wish you the best!

Wendy @RunningonMTT said...

LOL - I love Mondays too because it's my time to get everything back in place from the weekend!!!

I remember the preschool 3 days a week, while I love it sometimes that 2.5 hrs is so hectic trying to get it all done you are exhausted and feel like you didn't get a break from one kiddo being gone!

I do have a twitter it's runningonMTT but I am not there ever! I joined to get Ellen updates and then some others things but I hardly go there - not sure how it all works! LMAO

Anonymous said...

I would give ANYTHING to have to be somewhere by 8:45. My work day starts at 7:30. Then again, the only person I'm worried about getting ready in the morning is ME. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, P.S. You can update Notes from the Grove to Lessons in Life and Light if you want to! I saw it in your side bar as I was leaving my comment :o)

Anonymous said...

I love Mondays!!! Back to normal and I never plan anything huge for that day! I used to clean the house on Monday and it just drove me nuts so now I clean on Friday and on Monday me and Sarah recuperate!

Also, I am on Twitter,but keep forgetting to tweet!

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

I don't Twitter and I do FB when I remember. I love your blog and I'll just keep coming back here to make comments if you don't mind. Enjoy those babies, they will be grown and gone before you can bat an eye.

Aunt Becky said...

I can never remember what day it is. Ever.

pthsmonkey said...

Monday and Tuesday are my weekends. I am off and Boyfriend goes to work. That is when I am part-time house monkey. I get to do it at my own pace (and by own pace I mean playing the Sims and playing on twitter between loads of laundry). So Wednesday is my Monday.

Love your blog!

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