Friday, January 18, 2013

Thank you. Signed, The Management: Holiday/New Job Edition

I wrote a post from the Management a while ago and decided it was time for another installment.  The idea originated from some twitter posts I saw about mothers writing notes around the house for certain things to get done and signed it from “The Management” to ensure it got done. 

Brilliant, I tell you!

Dear Erin,

We realize that we are a bit late in recognizing all of your hard work during the holiday season, but better late than never, right?

First of all, you rocked this Christmas season!  You had all of your shopping done two weeks before Christmas and the wrapping done a week before the big day.  This is an all-time best since you have had children.  And we know it’s not because you have less going on.  It’s actually quite the contrary since you were job shadowing, taking Thomas to the hospital for his surgery, working on family photo projects, and working on your blog.  We’re not quite sure how you did it (although judging by the trail of Via coffee wrappers that follows you and the stockpile of peppermint mocha creamer, we think that may be a clue as to what helped you through those long days).

We would also like to comment you on how you handled your Christmas events and kept your personal boundaries intact with dignity (and fierceness that may have frightened others away).

We also thought it was quite something how you decorated your presents with old-fashioned paper, stamps, and ribbon.  We know that you told everyone it was because Marie wanted to experience Christmas like the American Girl Kit from the 1930’s, but we really know that you used this opportunity as art therapy.  For that, we applaud your efforts in finding peace during such a hectic season.

We know that this kind of excellency did not come without a few hiccups.  We know that Thomas may have clocked in some extra hours watching TV.  The plus side is that he cultivated a love for the children’s classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas staring Jim Carrey.  True, it was not the classic cartoon that you grew up with, but nonetheless, he loved it (although Christmas commercialism message may be lost because he tuned out when the Grinch’s heart grew two sizes too big).

Our hearts felt for you as you became unglued in the recovery room after Thomas’s surgery.  You couldn’t be there for Marie in the morning before school and take Thomas to the hospital, and you just lost it.  Since human cloning is not yet an option, we believe that you should give yourself a break.  As The Management, we believe it is in your best interest to practice more kindness towards yourself.

We also noticed that, in fear of forgetting pajama day, you made sure that Marie’s favorite jammies were clean and ready for her to wear on the special day.  We are so proud that you didn’t forget, however, we noticed that in your overzealousness, you sent her to school in her jammies.   It was not pajama day.  Although we noticed that Marie was Ok with it, we could not help but feel sorry for you as you cried in embarrassment.  Trust us: this will be a story that you will find humorous one day!

You bounced back and right into your new job.  You managed a funeral and your husband’s extended work hours beautifully all without having to order carry out (although we think that might just be your stubborn streak showing). 

Great job, Erin!  If we could just leave you something to work on, give yourself a break and if even the crockpot seems like too much effort, go on and order carryout until you get the bugs worked out with this new schedule.

Thanks again for all your hard work,
The Management

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