Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Cooking Fantasy: Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Takashi Yagihashi at Macy's Somerset for a Cooking Demo

I have officially completed teaching two classes.  Within those two weeks, I’ve had to manage a family funeral and my husband’s late night schedule with his bosses coming into town.  I’ve also decided to not cut myself any kind of break and make all of our meals this week. And when Marie wanted veggie sushi, I made it.  I refuse to let this new job get in my way of the way I want to take care of my kids. 

You know what?  I kinda feel like a rock star.  Well, maybe the sheer exhaustion a rock star feels after a night of debauchery.  Minus the booze-y hangover.

What I’m trying to say is that this balancing act is not easy.  And it’s only one night a week!  So in the midst of walking this tight rope, I was contacted by Everywhere Society to attend the Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Takashi Yagihashi at Macy’s Somerset for a Cooking Demo.  Cooking demo?  As in watching a professional chef prepare food?  It’s like my Food Network dream come true!

A bonus for those who can attend this event: Macy’s is giving away a $10 Macy's gift card and copy of the Macy's Culinary Council Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook, signed by Chef Yagihashi with any $35 Home purchase on the day of the event.

So unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, I cannot attend this awesome event featuring Chef Yagihashi who was deemed the one of "America's Ten Best New Chef's" by Food and Wine.  Did I mention that Chef Yagihashi is most recently known for his Japanese tapas and slurping noodle bar called Slurping Noodle?  Japanese tapas?!  I wish there was a delivery option because I would be all over that!

If you are interested in attending this event on Thursday, January 17th at 6:00 p.m. (and possibly swinging on by to drop off some yummy Japanese tapas for me to devour), call 1-800-329-8667 to make your reservations.

*I was contacted by Everywhere Society and compensated for sharing this information. 

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