Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moms Aren’t the Only Ones Who Are Overworked and Underappreciated – A Tribute to the Employees of the Sprint Store by Wireless Revolution

Well, I’m deep into Birthday Season – two down and I lost count of how many left to go. Thomas’s party was good minus all that pesky underlying tension and fear that someone might go rouge. Nothing a half a bottle of Chardonnay (thanks, Kroger for putting Hess on sale for $10 a bottle), Cheetos, and Jersey Shore couldn’t fix. And most importantly, Thomas had a great time. All he wanted was cake and presents, and we didn’t disappoint.

My brother’s birthday was at Los Locos in Rochester. The food was totally awesome. Thomas was in love with the mooing cow statue . . . and ironically his beef taco.

Birthday Season is not for the weak. It takes a lot of work that is easy to take for granted
  • Clean house - CHECK
  • Clean clothes - CHECK
  • Cake and decorations - CHECK
Prior to all this hard work, everything was going according to plan. And then my phone needed some service. I say “my phone”, but it really is my lifeline out to the world. There was a revolutionary update that needed to be installed on my Sprint Transform, so I did it.

Then it appeared that my apps were not running the same. And my battery was dying. I was freaking out, I tell you, FREAKING. OUT.

When other things are out of my control (like the possible explosive chemistry in family dynamics . . .in which all the players were going to be at my house in less than 24 hours), I hold on to things that should work, like my phone. And I obsessively nervously wash my hands.

So I did what anyone who under extreme duress would do: go to my local Sprint Store by Wireless Revolution. Here, everyone is so friendly and interested in making me a happy customer. There, I feel like people listen to me and make my needs are a priority. Kinda like therapy, but much cheaper and less time consuming.

It’s not at all macho and condescending. Scott kindly talked me off my ledge.  He kindly explained that my phone was not acting up, and ensured me that this update was a good thing. Also, he patiently showed me how to change the settings on my apps. (Hmmm, I think there is a metaphor in there that I have yet to fully realize). And most importantly, he didn’t make me feel like an ass.

Scott isn’t the only hero in this story. Earlier that week, I was in that store for forty-five minutes for a checkup with my phone (which was one hour and fifteen minutes faster than my scheduled appointment for Thomas’s well checkup). Mark took his time fixing my phone so it would be all ready for this awesome new update. He didn’t look at me with judging eyes when Thomas demanded, “pretzelscrackersproteinbarsNOW!” Instead we commiserated on toddler behavior and the trials of potty training. Seriously? Mark really took his time and made sure my phone was in tiptop shape . . . and we had some parent talk. How awesome is that?!

Wayne, who sold me this phone in the first place, was nice enough to give Thomas a decoy phone to play with when I could no longer meet his “pretzelscrackersproteinbarsNOW!” demands. I should also note that Wayne was really patient in explaining my phone options and helping me become acquainted with my phone when I didn’t even understand the concept of Droid Platform. I’ve come a long way, thanks to his patience.

Now all is right with the world, thanks to the fine gentlemen of The Sprint Store by Wireless Revolution.

And it’s easy to take a phone that works for granted. As it is a clean house and clean clothes.

So I wanted to make sure that the people responsible for keeping me connected with the outside world (which allows me to know what is going on outside of Disney Junior) know how much I appreciate them and all their wisdom. Good customer service is hard to come by these days and not all phone stores are created equal (Note: I went to a store than rhymes with Z-Shmobile for my brother’s birthday gift and left thanking my lucky stars that I don’t need to deal with them).

So thank you, Mark, Wayne, and Scott! I don’t think I could ever be tempted into change services because of you and your supreme customer service.

And let it be known, I have in no way been compensated for this post. Sprint Store by Wireless Revolution is just awesome, and I thought everyone should know.

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Mom et al said...

First, I am so glad that things are going better, and that you have found peace with your phone! :)

Second, so often we see bloggers rant and complain about when companies do them wrong. I think it's awesome that you wrote about someone doing things right! Kudos.