Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless-ish Wednesday - Spa-venture and Aromatherapy

So it’s official – I did get the Fisher Price Stand n’ Play Rampway. After a tiny bit of a miscommunication with the lady at Target which resulted in my heart stopping briefly, I paid for it and got the hell out of there. And Santa is NOT getting the credit for this one. No way!

I have decided to take Christmas by the balls this year again and one of the ways I am doing that is trying to be more calm (now that I got that damn Rampway, of course). One of the times I have felt more relaxed was at my spa-venture. It even smelled relaxing. And since I won’t be doing that anytime soon, I decided to create my own spa-venture fragrance with essential oils. Also, I wanted to make a nonperishable homemade craft for The Babes to do (yes, I know some people may be rolling their eyes, but you know, it helps them to think a little bit less of themselves and more of others . . .well, at least Marie. Thomas still pretty much thinks the world revolves around his 18 month old self).

So here is the kit that will recreate my spa-venture and make holiday gifts. Pretty tall order for such little bottles. Thanks, Aura Cacia for the responding to my inquiry of Facebook for some recipes.

*Aura Cacia did not supply any of the products for this post. It was all me!  However, if in the future they wanted to, I would gladly accept the opportunity.


purplume said...

Now this sounds like relaxing presents to make. I am pretending to sniff lavender.

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thanks! I just love lavender!