Thursday, November 11, 2010

One More Day

This post is going to be brief. I am on day 4 of manning the fort alone . . .although my parents did have us over for dinner and watched The Babes while I went to the food doctor. We’ve kept busy and the house is decent. I am still recovering from yesterday morning. It was a bit much trying to get everything done before 8:45 preschool and 9:30 story time. It was GetUpGetReadyAtTheSpeedOfLightTakeOutTheTRashEmptyTheDishwasherGetTheKidsReadyFightToGetThemReadyDon’tForgetTheDecoratedTurkeyFeatherBeSureToPutCoffeeInToGoCupDropoffMarieTakeThomasToStoryTimePickUpMarieMakeLunch kinda day.

Did I mention Marie is getting up at 5:50 a.m. so she’s up the whole time I am getting ready?

Which you can probably guess she’s a little “emotional.” Needless to say, I am “emotional.”

I anticipate a crash on Friday.

For everyone.

See you for Feel Good Friday!

1 comment:

New York Mama said...

Oh dear just one more day! My life saver has always been getting up before everyone. That's got to be rough having Marie up the entire time! Just one more day!