Friday, November 12, 2010

Feel Good Friday – I Did It!
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I have a lot to feel good about because I did it! I made it a whole week by myself! I know to a lot of Moms out there, this is nothing, but WOW, it’s hard. Note to self: Never take for granted all the Harrington does around the house and with The Babes.

And this morning, for the Grand Finale, was really a miracle. I heard Thomas crying in his sleep, and thought it was time for me to get up. So I am all ready to get up, and look at my clock, only to realize it’s 3:30 a.m. Because my brain is already in wake up mode, it takes me another 2 hours to fall back asleep. I get approximately 30 more minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off. And it wasn’t one of those laid back kind of mornings either. Oh, no! I had to drop Marie off at school, take care of laundry, clean some bathrooms, and go to Target to get The Babes a commemorative gift that we made it together as a team. (Mostly to buy my way out of all the guilt I felt for feeling that I fell a bit short. Sad, right)?

So let’s talk about The Guilt. I did feel a little guilty that I wasn’t as patient as I normally am. I also felt a little guilty about the mass amounts of TV I let them watch. Not to mention that Marie is cranky with me and giving me the cold shoulder because her routine was a little off makes me feel a bit guilty, too. (But seriously, when she’s up at 5:50 a.m. and doesn’t want to lay by herself in my bed while I need to get ready, what am I suppose to do?)And then there was the guilt that I wasn’t playing with The Babes.

But since I wasn’t playing with them all that much, they began to play WITH EACH OTHER! Unprompted! And nicely! And giggling! See, here I took pictures because I was beginning to fear this day would never come.

Playing pretend sleepover
Laughing!  And giggling!

And nicely, too!  WIN!

So instead of feeling guilty about all that, I am going to look at it as a learning opportunity for Marie to understand it can’t be the way that she wants it to be all of the time. I am also going to look at it as a chance for The Babes to bond together. Because it’s Feel Good Friday. Yea!

Oh, and I am going to make a big-ass breakfast on Sunday because that will make me feel better, too.  My friend at Sensible Cents sent me a coupon for free Jimmy Dean Hearty Sausage Crumbles.  Yea for breakfast burritos!  Be sure to check out the site - lots of great giveaways!

And now I am going to crash.

Have a great weekend!


dollycas aka Lori said...

lol, what a wonderful hectic, crazy, non-stop day!!!!

What time should I be
there for Sunday breakfast, sounds good!!!!?


New York Mama said...

You made it through!!! YEAH!! Those babes are learning a lot about life & themselves,(like how to depend on each other & taking a bit care of themselves). That's because their hard working, savy Mom allowed that to happen!

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

Woo-hoo! I only had one child most of my life. It wasn't until I re-married into two young step-daughters two years apart that I was like...WOAH! How do people do this?? OMGOSH!!
So really, that is a big deal! Glad you made the week work and they look so cute playing sleepover.
Have a wonderful breakfast, you deserve it. Happy Feel Good Friday!

purplume said...

Wonderful. What a valuable lesson for you and the babes. I am happy for you and nothing like appreciating the hubby too.

Moonspun said...

Hope your weekend is going well....sounds like rest is well-deserved and you should be getting some!