Monday, December 16, 2013

Motivational Mondays: Christmas Cheer and My Favorite Christmas Songs

This is it: the last big push before Christmas.

I have had two marathon weekends of shopping. I broke my rule never to go to Costco on a Sunday, let alone a Sunday during the holiday season.

I’m fighting off a cold.

I’m wrapping up the fall semester.

Basically, I am feeling the light at the end of the tunnel is never going to appear.

I need a serious dose of motivation this Monday.

I do not like that I am not fully in the Christmas spirit so I chose this quote.  I love it because it is true.

Here is my classic list of favorite Christmas music to cheer me up. Yes, it is the same list I published a few years ago.  But that is because these songs are my classic Christmas mix.

What are your favorite holidays tunes  that bring on Christmas cheer?