Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Adventures and Quiet Time with Coffee

I am in disbelief that it is already November.  Seriously?!  It’s like one day the leaves were bursting with color, and the next time I looked they were all over the ground.

I feel a twinge of excitement as the holidays approach.  I start to get all excited about food and family and tradition.  Pies!  Artichoke dip!  Visiting with family!  Decorating for Christmas!  It will be SO! MUCH! FUN!! 

But that kind of enthusiasm is hard to sustain.  When reality sets in, I become anxious about food and family and tradition.  I find it difficult not to spiral into a combination of the Grinch and Miss Hannigan from Annie (the Carol Burnett one, not the Cameron Diaz one).

Last year, I did a series called Thankful Thursday.  I find that it forced me to shift my perspective.  Instead of being irritated at the whole world, I was finding little nuggets of everyday life for which I felt grateful.

Practicing gratitude is not easy, especially during the holidays, but it really helped to make the season more joyful.

Take for instance, my kids had Monday and Tuesday off, which was the worst timing with Halloween being on a Friday and the Daylight Saving time change happening on a Sunday.  I am still trying to fine my work-at-home flow, and this disruption was not ideal.  When was all this stuff supposed to get done?!?!

But I took a step back and worked from a place of gratitude; I decided to embrace this time together and go on some adventures.

I discovered that I am (again) thankful that we are at a stage with the kids where we can do stuff with them.  We went to Target without a fuss.  We went to see to the Detroit Instituteof Art and actually had discussions about the similarities of the modern day selfie and Impressionism/Post Impressionism art.  

We also talked about not laughing at naked people in paintings because obviously.

Some of us were more excited to be at the museum than others. This can be seen on Thomas's face.

Makers gonna make.

I was grateful that the kids hung in at the Polish Village CafĂ©.  

I seriously would eat here every day.

I L.O.V.E. this food!  If food could give you a hug and wrap a blanket around you, it would look like the Polish plate with fresh sausage, galumpkis (stuffed cabbage), pierogi, and mashed potatoes with a side of sour cream cucumbers and potato pancakes.  

The kids do not share my same enthusiasm for Polish cuisine.  Yet.

I am thankful that my kids were excited about going to the library and Barnes and Noble.  They may have different ideas of fun, but they both agree that books and cupcakes are the best!

Just look at us with our books and legal stimulants of coffee (for me) and chocolate (for them).

I was also thankful that I had a chance to spend time with Marie and paint some pottery with friends.  Actually, if I am going to be more precise, I am thankful that she still thinks I’m cool enough to hang with.

These two days off could have easily turned into a disaster if I chose not to take advantage of the time we had together.

Having said that, there was nothing like a hot cup of coffee in a quiet house. 

Halloween candy always tastes best when eaten alone in a silent house.

What has you feeling grateful this week?

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