Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivational Monday: Thoughts on Teaching

Teaching and mothering are very similar.  Teachers and moms pour themselves into their jobs, giving their energy and passion without reservation.  We want to see our students and children become empowered people.  We want them to find their spark, the thing that lights them up inside.

A lot of stress and frustration accompanies these two callings.  Often times, it is challenging to stay motivated and keep on giving since I don’t often see how my efforts are benefiting my students and children.  Teachers do not usually see the backend of their efforts, and mothers usually wait a lifetime in order to see how the end result of their labor.

Sometimes all I need is a little glimmer of hope that I am on the right track and stay motivated.

This weekend I saw that glimmer.

A student of mine was chosen to be the student speaker at graduation.  MiVida was an incredible student, and I loved watching her flourish as she relaunched her blog, Faith with Heels.  Her positive energy was contagious!  In her speech, she acknowledged how I reignited her love for social media.  I was totally touched by her mention of me.  As much as she claims I gave to her, she has given back to me, which in turn, I will give out again.

Mommy on the Spot Motivational Mondays Thoughts on Teaching
Watch out, world!  MiVida is going to do great things!

Moments like this are magical, and I think that is the hook that keeps me coming back to teaching.

Are you a teacher?  Or a parent?  What keeps you motivated? 

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