Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On Your 4th Birthday

Dear Thomas,

You are now officially four years old.

Four?!  When did this happen?!  (Over nights and nights as your sister would say).

I can say that, without a doubt, my most favorite thing about you turning four has been watching your personality emerge as you had more words to express yourself.  

Your personality comes through these little nuggets of truth , and I’m often taken aback because A) They are soaked in truth that only an unfiltered child can speak and B) I didn’t even think you were listening.  But you are listening.  All the time.

Like when you talk about your actions in terms of making choices.  Or when you watched the Oz Great and Powerful and you knew when the witch was not telling the truth.

I also love when you observe when someone is practicing kindness.  You are listening and soaking it all in.

Another favorite part of watching you grow is watching how you love.  I watch how you get a nighttime drink for Sissy, even when she doesn’t ask.  I watch how you give me Altoids when you get yourself Altoids.  I watch how you make sure Baby Jammies is covered and never cold.

And I think how I am the luckies mom on earth to have a sweet-hearted little boy.

My birthday wish for you is that you never loose that tender, thoughtful side to you.  Such a giving, selfless quality is a gift and part of what makes you a beautiful little person. 

I love you forever.


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