Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Perhaps My Expectations Are Too High

Before I get to my rant of a post, I do have some incredibly good news.  First, check out this link.  (Go ahead, I’ll wait).

How. Cool. Is. That?!  I am so honored that Skinny Scoop spotlighted me on their website.  I definitely did my happy dance!!

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Ok so on to the rant.

Marie had her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on Friday.  I slept horribly the night before, but I wiped the sleep from my eyes and put on a game face.  And was able to keep it on for most of the day. 

Listen, I was already a wreck, but the day’s events, aside from the surgical procedure that my poor daughter was to endure, is what actually broke me and my hardcore game face.  

So before I  break it down bullet point style, I would like to preface with the fact that I have much respect for the medical profession and would love to join forces with them if I was more proficient in math and handling of bodily fluids.

  • I was uncomfortable that the staff kept asking me what procedure that we were having done.  I am sure there is a very good reason why for this, but to me, it communicated uncertainty. In a hospital setting, I prefer confidence. 
  • I was upset that the nurse forgot Marie's weight right after she was done weighing her.  She asked us.  Logically.  I didn’t feel right about the number.  Thankfully, I asked another nurse to confirm her weight and the measurement was adjusted.  You know, for safety’s sake when administering the anesthesia.
  • The waiting room was a disaster.  People were treating it as their personal office space.  This lady was talking as if she was the only person in the whole room.  I could tell you everything about her Godless church members just showing up when they need something.  I also feel pretty confident that I could walk into her office and find exactly where her special stapler is (I would not be surprised if it was a red Swingline stapler).  (Bonus points for those who can tell me what I’m talking about) I *may* have become so frustrated that I began talking over her while giving her dirty looks.  It boggles my mind that her behavior was accepted and tolerated.  Why?  Why is it that the majority of society is OK with this self-centered behavior?  Perhaps a post for another time.
  • Also, this couple was trying to run their website, yet had no idea how to operate a computer.  (As in they didn’t know how to close the tabs).  They were asking each other how this thing works.  Harrington said it best with this observation: “People need to get a license before they drive their computers off the Apple lot.”

  • The surgeon neglected to tell us that Marie should eat nothing red, as to not confuse it with blood if she were to throw up.  I reminded him and he was all, “Oh, yeah.  Nothing red.”  I will give you one guess what color Popsicle the nurse gave her after her surgery.  I can also say that I learned of this because she threw up.

  • After more than an hour of waiting, I decided to ask where my daughter was.  I was told that she was recovering from surgery.  They would find her nurse to ask if we could see her.  I don’t’ know, but an hour of waiting without hearing if my kid was OK was about thirty minutes too long for me.

  • When we finally were able to see Marie, the nurse said she was having a hard time recovering.  No other explanation was provided.  So I decided to probe, and she said that the nurse who was with Marie was too busy to talk.  Then she offered the supervisor.  When I did get to speak with the supervisor, she explained because Marie was thrashing around and trying to pull out her IV that the nurse could not leave her alone. Finally, the nurse suddenly appeared and confirmed this.  The supervisor said that the “take away” from all of this was maybe someone else could notify the parent while the nurse stayed with the child.  Um, that seems pretty obvious, right?  And for those keeping score, this is when I lost my game face.

  • The next day, Marie had a fever.  After waiting for over 90 minutes for the doctor to get back to me, he said it was normal and probably due to dehydration.  If that was normal, why wasn't it on the discharge papers?  It should be noted that “not using a tampon” was on her discharge papers.  (You guys know that Marie is only five, right?) 

  • When I talked to the nurse on Monday about her leaking nose, she went over a whole slew of discharge information which was not on the papers.  Her surgery was done at a regular hospital, not the children’s hospital.  But still, should the discharge papers resemble the same information?

Or are my expectations too high?


Anonymous said...

Um, can I ask where this was done? Can I venture a guess? Did it start with a B and end in a T in Royal Oak? I only guess this because a good friend works there and has told me repeatedly if we ever have an issue with our kids to keep on driving..

Aside from that, if I were you I'd be voicing these complaints to someone of authority over there. Especially when in comes to pediatrics, I think they should anticipate and accommodate nervous parents and you know, KIDS. The child is only half the patient. Discharge papers should be nothing if not clear as a friggin bell. Children can't always communicate what is wrong with them so you need to be able to be aware of what to look out for and potential issues after surgery. And a half hour of waiting not knowing what's happening with your kid is absolutely insane. A strongly worded letter can't hurt, and do it now while you remember names (plus maybe there was SOMEONE who wasn't a complete disappointment?)

You should've asked the waiting room lady if she likes big grains of salt on her margaritas!

Annie said...

Your expectations are not too high! I would be livid and upset and freaked out...and exhausted. I'm glad you seem to at least have a support system there even though the brunt of the weight seems to always fall on mom's shoulders.

Thinking of you, Marie and your whole family!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Yes it was! I thought I made a thoughtful decision because we had both of my son's surgery there, and I had a negative experience at Children's. I feel so guilty. I just received a copy of the discharge papers from Children's and they are vastly differnet from those at the other place. So frustrated!!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thank you so much, Annie! I wish you lived closer so we could go grab some drinks together!