Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LG LuV400T Kompressor Vacuum. . .With Commentary on Grace and Good Manners

If motherhood has taught me anything, it has been the quest for balance. (Please note: key word is “quest,” as in it is a challenging effort to find something perfect yet so elusive as balance).

In the past, I would teeter between never saying anything and saying too much. Now when something bothers me, I try to evaluate if a situation is something worth making a fuss over or not. I like to think that within the past five years, I have refined my technique to incorporate a bit more grace than gruff.

Case in point:

Last year at BlogHer10, I attended the Mouthy Party put on by the wonderful Mouthy Housewives. One of the sponsors was LG. At their station, guests were invited to try out a LuV300B Kompressor Vacuum, and LG would send us the vacuum. I could NOT believe it! How awesome would that be?! A brand new vacuum! Yes, please!

So I waited. And waited and waited.

I read some blogs and their reviews of this awesome piece of machinery. I watched the front door like a hawk. I knew it had to arrive soon.

And then I waited some more.

Finally, in December, I gave up.

(Side bar: My mother-in-law felt so bad for me that she bought me a new vacuum. How sweet)!

To be honest, I was unsure how to navigate through this situation. I didn’t want to tell the Mouthy Housewives because I had a great time at the party, and I didn’t want to appear to be all about the swag. I enjoy that blog and the contributors’ individual blogs; I didn’t want to make a fuss. I also don’t think it was their responsibility either.

I did contact LG through email, but to no avail.

I could have blogged about it or made a scene on Twitter, but that didn’t feel right, either. I had been blogging for just over a year, and I thought that maybe this was par for the course.

This year, at BlogHer 11, I saw some reps from LG out of their suite. I introduced myself and explained the situation of the vacuum and the failed attempt to rectify the situation through email. I told them it was not my style to cause trouble, but if there was some way to look into this, I would greatly appreciate it.

The reps stood up, shook my hand, and thanked me profusely for not making a scene on Twitter. They took my information and promised to get back to me.

I was a cautiously optimistic.

On the following Monday, a rep had emailed me for the details of the situation.

On Tuesday, he determined there was a mistake with data entry, and my information had been recorded incorrectly. He promised the LuV400T Kompressor Vacuum (an updated version) would be delivered by Fed Ex on Friday.

On Friday, Fed Ex showed up with the LuV400T Kompressor Vacuum.
LuV400T KOMPRESSOR® Total Care Upright Vacuum
Now tell me that is not a totally awesome
piece of machinery.  It looks like it
deserves its own parking space
in the garage.

And I have to say, the LuV400T Kompressor Vacuum was everything I hoped it would be. I LOVE IT! It makes my twelve year old carpet look new again.

Thomas dumped Marie’s snack of dried veggies all over the floor. There were peas and corn and crumbled up tomatoes and peppers *everywhere*.

LuV400T Kompressor Vacuum picked it up like it was dust.

According to LG, here’s why it can do that:

*LG’s patented Kompressor technology utilizes the world’s first motorized compression system and a larger bin to compress the dust intake to hold three times more household dust than non-compressor models.

*Its mattress tool allows you to loosen deeply embedded dust and allergens using a unique pulsating vibration system.

*LG’s DualForce Suction provides a wide suction area for better cleaning in hard to reach places, by adding air pathways to both sides of the vacuum head in addition to the traditional center suction.

*The Click 'N Go™ provides 15 feet of additional reach for easier cleaning of stairs, upholstery and other out-of-the-way spots. With a radio-frequency wand, consumers to control the unit remotely from the wand when it is detached from the base.

*The HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of allergens such as dust mites and animal dander.

*The LuV400T has been certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).


I also think that this is a testament that grace and good manners can produce the desired results. There might be something to that saying that one catches more flies with honey instead of vinegar.

Thank you, LG, for making good on your word.

I love my new vacuum!

Tell me about a time when grace and good manners worked better for you than a harsh words.


Christina S. said...

Good for you for minding your manners.

I am going to be not-so-polite right now and admit that I'm pea-green with envy over that magnificent vacuum. ;-)

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

WOW. It's awesome that they remedies the situation and it's doubly awesome that you handled it with such grace and decorum. Clearly, I need some life lessons from you!

Sparkling said...

WAIT- You got a whole entire vacuum FOR FREE???????