Thursday, August 12, 2010

BlogHer Part 1: Mouthy Housewives Happy Hour

BlogHer Part 1: Mouthy Housewives Happy Hour

Friends, I made it home from BlogHer ‘10/family vacation. If you were following me on Twitter, (all 99 of you) (I was at 100. . . but anonymous left, I am guessing, because there was too much of a disconnect between his cool PR tweets and my fascinating laundry tweets), then you know I made it home with a close call. I do promise to give you the details in another post.

I kicked off my BlogHer experience with the Mouthy Housewives Happy Hour at the Forty Eight Cocktail Lounge. It. was. AWESOME! I wore a little black dress and strappy heels with my makeup and hair done by my team of 1 – me. I know it’s hard to imagine, so I took a picture since it would last long after my coach turned back into a pumpkin.

Prom? No, just on my way to the Mouthy Housewives Happy Hour!

I was so nervous when I arrived. As a junior high teacher, our staff gatherings were a little less. . . glamorous. Our Christmas parties were usually potluck at someone’s house. I usually watched in horror as married staff members hit on other married staff members, but I digress. A real splurge was meeting at the microbrewery or the pool hall. And this is all great, but never had I been to a party like this; white wine flowing like water with portabella cheese bits and tuna tartar being served. Not to mention awesome swag and sponsors and photographers.

As if the food and wine weren’t enough, I met some fantastic people. Nicole from was lovely. I really enjoyed talking with her about blogging and our families. April Welch, The Mental Clutter Coach, was so interesting. Her adventures in tackling the issues surrounding clutter were fascinating. I spoke briefly with Maggie at CafĂ© Kel at was delightful. I also got to meet Wendi “Tha Dream” Aarons. We met briefly at the beginning of the night, and she introduced me to Tracy at She was so cool and very down to earth. Tracy wrote the book Rebel Without a Minivan. Imagine my horror when I vomited the fact that I have a minivan. Tracy still talked to me, despite Mini, and even offered a link to get some racing stripes to make her BA (that’s Dane Cook speak for bad ass). She’s a great example of an A-lister being totally cool with a little blogger like me.

At the end of the night, Wendi Aarons came back to talk with me. I was so incredibly nervous, I am sure I chatted on and on like an idiot. I think I mentioned how much I like to blog and write, but I can’t be sure because what I was saying was not the same monologue in my head which was Ohmygodjustshutupandlethertalkalready. So Wendi, I apologize if I acted like a pre-teen at a Twilight meet-n-greet.

And those were just the bloggers. The reps from sponsors were really nice, too. (Yes, I know they are supposed to be, but let’s just say some people are better than others). Sharron and Heather, reps for Whirlpool, were so nice. I loved hearing their stories of how they landed in New York City. The rep from LG, who I don’t remember her name, was really cool. I mean, how could she not? She did give me a brand new LG vacuum. She demoed how the vacuum could pick up glitter, and if it could pick up glitter, then I knew it could pick up goldfish crackers, right? I couldn’t believe it! I don’t even have to give LG my first born in exchange for this awesome swag! How sweet is that?!

Me and my new LG vacuum! Yes, I plan to wear that everytime I use it, too!

When it was time to leave, I wasn’t ready to go home. I mean, it took a lot of effort to look that hot. So I followed two ladies that I met earlier, Diane and her friend, to another bar. I enjoyed chatting with Diane about writing and our kids. She really was so sweet.

All in all I had a great time at the Mouthy Housewives Happy Hour. I am so glad that I went and powered through my anxiety. Because really, there ain’t no party like Housewives party!


geekbabe said...

oh my god Yes, the mouthy housewives held a totally fabulous event! I loved getting a chance to meet so many nice new people & getting to check out JVC's camcorders.. and LG wow, that vacuum is wonderful, dirt won't stand a chance around here!

Anonymous said...

I am good to my word! Here is the link to my post where I tell you how to get those racing stripes (and some other BA goodies) for your Clan Van!
Send me a pic after you get it pimped out!!
Nice meeting you at BlogHer!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Geekbabe, I am so excited clean with that new vacuum. . . I can't believe I just said I can't wait to clean. Wow!

Tracy, I can't wait to check out the link and make Mini all BA! It was great to meet you, too!

Mom et al said...

OK, there better be a post about waiting in line for Halal's!!! That food was slamming. I hope you are enjoying your new vacuum!

Aunt Becky said...

I'm SO sad that I didn't get to meet you. SO bummed, duder. SO bummed.

Ali said...

I think I forgot to tell you how friggin cute you look and sound from your trip to Blogher. Way to go Mamacita.

Amy said...

That is AWESOME! I would have been so nervous too. Kudos for you for gettting out of your comfort zone.

Di@PowderRoomGraffiti said...

You looked lovely in your black dress - and it was great to meet you at the party! The Mouthy Houseviwes party was a real highlight of the whole BlogHer10 experience for me too.