Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Follow Up to The Cleanse Incident of 2011

I try to be healthy. I want my kids to know how to eat healthy and understand the importance of being active. Which is hard (unless you live in the magical land of Southern California, more specifically, the Dana Point/Laguna Beach area where organic produce and Kobe beef are absolutely EVERYWHERE). As opposed to Michigan, where there are a zillion McDonalds in a one mile radius along with freezing cold/hot and humid weather. The deck is definitely stacked against us here in Michigan.

But I try.

I make sure whole wheat is the first ingredient on our bread and English muffins.

I buy organic peanut butter.

I avoid high fructose corn syrup.

I buy whole wheat pasta.

I wanted to take this healthy living to the next the level. This led me to The Cleanse Incident of 2011. In short, this “gentle” food-based cleanse limited my protein and restricted ALL common food allergens out of my diet. Two days in, my blood sugar dropped so incredibly low, I was sweating and cold and shaking. I. Was. A. Mess. So I had a big-ass peanut butter sandwich. With a side of failure.

Around this time, I won a contest on Real Mommy Chronicles for three free sessions with Monica at Your Intuitive Health.

I totally procrastinated contacting her, which is totally unlike me. It took me awhile to connect the dots, but I think it had to do with The Cleanse Incident of 2011. I failed that, so what could I possibly learn? Worse yet, wonder if she was judge-y once I revealed to her that I buy goldfish in bulk and eat pizza every Friday?

I. Was. Wrong.

Monica is so kind and gentle (and not fake gentle like that cleanse was supposed to be). Her whole approach is to make changes that fit for you. And when I told her about The Cleanse Incident of 2011, she was totally sympathetic as she explained she would never suggest doing a cleanse in the dead of winter since that is when our bodies need food.

And that’s when I knew I was in good company.

The first session, she gave me three objectives to work on: buy a new water bottle with a straw, eat a bigger breakfast /a smaller dinner, and try to eat whole foods after workouts instead of My Beloved Cliff Bars.

As it turns out, My Beloved Cliff Bars are not as healthy as I once thought. This was seriously devastating news, especially since I had Thomas hooked on the kids’ version for breakfast. (Which if you are running out of healthy options for your kids, she is hosting a telecass this Monday night with healthy recipes included).

I didn’t think the water bottle would make a difference, but it totally did. I was finally drinking enough water, and a lot of my headaches and bloating went away. Score!

Throughout our sessions, Monica helped me with travel snacks when I went to California, get in the habit of using a mantra whenever I feel anxious, and gave me recipes for things I have no idea what to do with, like quinoa.

Here’s why I think Monica’s suggestions worked for me: they were small (I mean buying a new water bottle, how easy is that)?!, yet effective (bloating gone=better fitting pants=happy)!

So far, I have bought significantly less lunch meat, drinking more water, and have successfully helped Thomas quit his Cliff Bar habit.

Small steps, I know, but stuff that I can keep on doing. In these small details, I feel that they snowball into other changes (like buying quinoa in bulk and trying to become a member of an organic farm co-op). (Crazy, I know, but I still have pizza and Coke every Friday.  Because pizza?  I could never quit.  Ever). 

And these changes? Make me feel way better than failing at some leave-me-in-a-sweaty-heap-on-the-floor "gentle" food-based cleanse.

So tell me, have you ever tried a cleanse? Have you ever tried incorporating new foods in your everyday life? How did it work for you?


Jana A said...

Ooh, I had a Great Cleanse Fail, too. It wasn't pretty. AT. ALL. Water is so key. For so many things. Speaking of, I need to get started on mine! (#13 on Project 20 for today!)

Anonymous said...

I've never tried a cleanse...I know I don't have the willpower for that! Small changes are definitely key. And I could also never give up pizza. Ever.

Mommy on the Spot said...

Jana,yea! So glad I made Project 20! Sorry to hear about your Cleanse Fail, too.

Mommy on the Spot said...

Justajen, my body just wasn't up for it. I'm glad I am not alone in my pizza addiction.

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

I've done several cleanses and I'm always amazed at the wide range of reactions I have. Sometimes, I feel really awful and shaky, other times, I'm doing great! i think I need to do another one soon...

I like the idea of small steps snowballing into something more. Often, I think I need to do something ALL THE WAY, but you know, it leads to failure. If I could manage to eat one new thing or try one new thing, I think I might feel more inclined to do one more thing and so on.