Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Kickoff to my 33rd Year - In Photos

Birthdays are special to me.  Sometimes one day isn't enough to fit in all that is awesome with birthdays.  My birthday weekend started off with Disney on Ice Presents Princess Classics.  Afterwards, my mother-in-law gave me the gift of energy in a very generous Starbucks gift card.  She also picked out a very nice bottle of wine, too.  Yea!

On Saturday, off to Bucca di Beppo's for pizza and pasta party with My Crew where we were able to enjoy a free appetizer and a free dessert just because it was my birthday.  Yea!  Most of those photos didn't turn out so well.  Here's  one that I was able to salvage.

I love it when my eyes glow.  I feel it gives a certain creepy, Halloween vibe.
On Sunday, Harrington and I went out for coffee (courtesy of said gift card) and a movie.  Tip: Wait until you can see Life as We Know It for free.  But that's OK because now I have an excuse to go back to the movies and see Social Network.  (Any thoughts on that)?

On Tuesday, my parents and brother came over.  My Mom made her homemade cassada cake, which is a big white cake soaked in a rum simply syrup, filled with cannoli fillling and chocolate chips - YUM!!  She made it even though she had just gotten back from vacation and was exhausted.  How sweet!  (Literally and figuratively).  (And this cake is so good, we are just calling it The Cake).

My parents gave me Just Dance 2, and we had a riot!  My brother kicked my ass.  So did my Dad at which point he joked about all the money spent on dance lessons.  Well, turns out holding the wii remote control in the very specific way is key.  So I made a bit of a comeback once I worked out that user-error.  And because I don't hold grudges about loosing (because, as I tell Marie, we are all winners if we had fun), I will not post the pictures of my brother and his "dance face" all over the Internet.  

So, here I present to you, the rest of my birthday pictures: 

Marie and My Brother

Thomas and My Dad

My Mom, Me, and The Cake
Marie doesn't like the signing and candles fanfare. 
It actually freaks her out.  So I am pretending to blow out candles.


The Dance Off. 
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There is just something about getting together with family to celebrate each other that makes me happy.  I'm one lucky lady!

See you tomorrow for Feel Good Friday!


Moonspun said...

Happy Birthday! I love the dancing shot!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thanks so much!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

What a fantastic time you had!!!! Is that a fun game for Wii? Maybe we need it to especially since more than 1 person can do it.

OK on a sidenote, I was at Target 2 days ago and there was this lady that had a little boy and a girl with her. She looked just like you!!!!

And then I remembered that you don't live in MN, but then I thought that maybe you did and just lied about your state! All the while I am totally staring at this woman.

Just as I was about to humiliate myself and say something to her I realized that she was a mom from Preschool!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I kept my mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, send me some of that cake STAT! Have you ever had Almost Better Than Sex Cake?

You make a chocolate cake, poke a bunch of holes in it, pour a can of caramel and a can of sweetened condensed milk over the top, ice with cool whip and sprinkle a crumbled up Heath bar over the top. YUM!

Happy Birthday!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Girl Next Door, it's a great game because 1-4 players can play. It's so much fun; I think I'm addicted. And that is hilarious about my "twin" running around MN. And that you actually know her! It's like bizarr-o Erin, you know, like in Seinfeld :)

Lessons, how about I'll send you a piece of cassada and you can send me a piece of Better than Sex because that sound delish!!