Friday, October 22, 2010

Feel Good Friday – My New Favorite Place

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The journey to find My New Favorite Place was twisty and turney with no final destination in mind, really. It’s not like I started out with the thought that I would find My New Favorite Place, but it just sort of happened.

It all began with my first experience with yoga . . .

The first time I tried yoga, I was in my early 20’s, taking it in a big gym setting, and was not ready. I was not ready to quiet down the chatter in my head. I was not ready close my eyes and only focus on me; I was too interested in comparing looking at others.

The second time tried, Marie was 18 months old, and I was tired of trying to keep up in my traditional aerobic classes. I wanted to mentally recharge myself as well as workout. Even though it was in a gym (with the kick boxing class’s music blasting next door), I really liked it. It just felt right. I was ready.

And then I was pregnant with Thomas and was so sick, I had to stop.

Meanwhile, I was trying to find an activity for Marie to do that wasn’t competitive yet active. Her personality is not the kind that would do well in a team sports setting because she doesn’t handle pressure too well. Also, dance was out of the picture because going up on stage just isn’t her thing, either. So I thought yoga might be a good fit for her; active and engaging along with inspiring story telling.

I live in a Michigan suburb that hasn’t quite embraced the idea of children’s yoga. However, 3 towns over, I did find a studio that had a teacher trained just for children’s yoga. It’s a 30 minute drive, but it’s totally worth it. Marie has been taking yoga for about 9 months now, and she LOVES it.

My new favorite place is Red Lotus Yoga.

Why is it your new favorite place where Marie is taking yoga for 9 months, you may be wondering?

At its old location, there was only one studio so the parents waited in the lobby. Not just any lobby. A quiet lobby with the comfiest couch EVER! I would look forward to just sitting there for 45 minutes and not having to do or say anything.

But at their new location, there are two studios. So they have added an adult class at the same time as their kid’s class. GENIUS! So instead of sitting there, I now get to take a yoga class.

I didn’t think taking a yoga class in a yoga studio would be any different than taking it at the gym.

I was wrong, so very, very wrong.

First of all, the studio’s vibe is peaceful and happy. It appears that everyone who is there is happy to be there. It even smells peaceful.

Second of all, it’s quiet. Do you know how rare it is to be somewhere in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and have it be quiet? The lessons about self-acceptance that the teachers talk about during the class nudge something deep inside of me. I soak up all that quiet, peacefulness, and wisdom, and I feel rejuvenated.

And I can even be this calm and focused while Marie is there because I know she is having a great time in her own class. It’s not very often that I can relax like that when she’s doing her own thing because my ears are always perked in watchdog mode. Something about the atmosphere and the teachers make this “letting go” phenomenon possible.

When I say studio, I really should say center. They not only have yoga classes, but there are all sorts of special workshops that focus on wellbeing. I went to a meditation one a few weeks ago, and I loved it. It’s like this little community, and I am excited to have found it.

I feel there’s this side of me that I have always wanted to develop, a more spiritual side. Traditional religious services don’t always resonate with me. Besides that, I never knew where to go.

But perhaps I wasn’t ready yet.

So in the quest of finding the right activity for my daughter, I have stumbled upon an oasis that is helping me figure out how to be the best version of myself.

How could I not feel good about that?!

So what’s your favorite place to be? I’d love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE yoga! I'm thinking of starting a new class next week, actually. The only thing is that I find that most studios around here are super pricey. I was looking at the photos when I visited the link--really cool!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Isn't it great?! What kind of yoga class are you thinking of taking? I'm in the Slow Flow beginner level. Have a good weekend!!

Sandra said...

Yoga is meant for pretzels, and I mean that with the greatest respect, because I am not one, and jealous of those who are.
You should try that zumba craze...I haven't tried it, and I won't because the very word frightens me, but you seem like an outgoing daring woman!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a terrific comment!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That sounds like bliss.

I think the zoo is my happy place. I love the zoo, except for this Friday when Sarah was posessed and we had to leave! I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

Mommy on the Spot said...

Sandra, I wish I could be all twisty like a pretzel! I have tried a zumba-like class. It wasOK. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Girl Next Dooor, the zoo is a happy place. Unless there is a meltdown. But nowhere is fun when there is a meltdown in progress did she just have enough zoo fun or did something happen that upset her?