Friday, April 4, 2014

And Now You are 5

Dear Thomas,

You turned five last week. 

My baby is now five years old.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around when exactly this happened.  Time seemed to pass so slowly during those early sleepless nights which made the days seem to blur together in an endless montage of laundry and mealtimes.  Then I blinked my eyes and before me now stands a boy.

Not a toddler.

Not a baby. 

A boy.

A boy who has his own unique sense of humor. 

A boy who seems to never pay attention to what I am saying but then will recall every minute detail of the conversation. 

A boy with a resolve of steel.

A boy who has the biggest heart and shares his love so freely it takes my breath away.

A boy who will start Kindergarten in the fall.

I silently prayed to myself, as I reluctantly handed over your paper work at Kindergarten registration, that you will never loose the way you care for others.  I am always inspired by the way you give your love without reservations.

When asked to share your beloved fruit snack, you say, “Sure thing! Here you go.”

You always make sure the cat feels loved by all the cuddles you give him.

At your birthday party, you were so happy to have everyone together and introduce your friends to you grandparents.  My heart wants to burst when I see how thoughtful you are with the people in your life.

It takes some people a whole lifetime to learn how to love the way that you love at the tender age of five.

My birthday wish for you is that you never let the cold ways of callous people ever take this gift away from you.  There are those who are not comfortable with people who shine from the inside out; they do not know how to respond to genuine kindness.

Pay no mind to these haters.  The world needs more people like you – happy souls who are not afraid to love.

mommy on the spot son's 5th birthday

Happy birthday, my sweet boy!

Love always,

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