Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Skinny Jeans that Fit, Moonstruck, Blogging, and Teaching

I have chosen to not do the daily Facebook thankful posts and decided to do a weekly post instead.  I just can’t hack that kind of commitment at this time.

This week I am thankful for the movie Moonstruck. I have loved this movie ever since I was too young to watch it, and it kept me company while I worked late as everyone was sleeping peacefully. 

Photo credit from IMBD page

Cher is ah-mazing, and I love her transformation from matronly (which how is that even possible?!) to elegant and gorgeous.  My favorite scene in the whole movie (and quite possible in my top 10 all time favorite movie scenes) is when Cher slaps Nicholas Cage in the face (who is very hot in his white tank top) and yells, “Snap out of it!”  Does he give up?  Oh, no.  He goes right ahead and asks her to the opera.  Next thing I know, the movie is over and my work is done.  Thank you, Moonstruck!

I am also thankful for jeans that fit.  I have been wearing ill-fitting jeans ever since I have given birth.  For those keeping score, that is seven years.  Seven years!! I was skeptical when New York and Company* offered High-Waisted Legging (but fit more like skinny jeans).  Was it going to be too high, causing my tummy to spill over or lose their shape within 5 minutes?  No, they were perfect in every way.   And guess what?  They were buy one, get one!  The Patron Saint of Skinny Jeans was smiling down on me that day. 

new york and company high waisted jean leggings erin janda rawlings mommy on the spot
Never underestimate the power of pair of
well-fitted jeans.

On a more serious note, I am thankful for the one of the most heartfelt emails I have ever received.  Blogging can sometimes feel like I am talking into a void in which no one ever hears me.  A few years ago, I wrote a post about PMDDand how Celexa helped me through a very rough time.  The reader said that she had been going through a similar experience and that my post helped her go back to her doctor to try a new medication.  Writing honestly about dark, personal moments is not easy; in fact it can be scary.  I am so happy that sharing my story helped someone. 

Along that same vein, I received an email from a former student.  She told me how my class helped to rediscover her love of blogging and social media.  It is not very often that a teacher ever hears that they have positively impacted someone.  And for someone who is sensitive and over-analytical such as myself, I often wonder if I am doing anything right when I teach.  This email renewed my faith in myself and my choice to go back to teaching.

Feeling pretty grateful this week.  What are you feeling thankful for this week?

*I was not compensated by New York and Company.  I bought these with myself.  And will gladly go back again to buy more. 

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