Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Day and Faded Craft Time Memories

Election Day was not only the day I performed my civic duty (and wrote about my feeling of politics and motherhood at the Detroit News MichMoms blog), but it was going to be a cozy, fun day with both of my Babes home from school circa late 2010 when were always home together.  We were going to snuggle on the couch and do fun holiday crafts.

The day was going to be lovely.


I started out my Pinterest perfect morning (after voting, of course) by making chocolate chip pancakes.  But that wasn’t enough for Thomas.  He also wanted mini frozen pancakes and waffles.  Only slightly defeated, I fulfilled his wish.  I wasn’t going to let a little hiccup like that ruin my day.

After I cleaned up, Marie played on the computer while I played games with Thomas.  We were harmoniously humming along until it was Thomas’s time to go on the computer.  He wanted to go on a website I didn’t like, and then when his time was up, there was an explosion of temper.  How could this happen?  I gave him extra time and plenty of warning!

Trying to stay positive, I shifted gears thinking that he would like to make his Christmas list for the grandparents who want to get an early start.  I was disheartened when he said he wanted everything.  Ev.ry.thing.

I started to feel my happy train becoming derailed, but in a valiant effort to prevent the inevitable, I made each Babe whatever they wanted for lunch. 

Which of course was not the same thing.  That would’ve been easy. 

So I made both macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets.  I like to think they were extra delicious since they were sprinkled with extra love and good intentions and not the bitter resentment of a dismantled day that I was choking on.

When I cleaned up (again), we sat down to do the Thanksgiving Tree Craft that I had seen on Pinterest.  (Side note: Pinterest did not have the*exact* tree and leaf template I wanted, so I made do with tracing my own arm and tracing an old foam leaf sticker.  I feel it gave it that extra homemade look).

When it was time to write down the things they were thankful for, Thomas didn’t want to do the craft.  He didn’t want to use the glue stick.  Then he delivered the lowest of all blows.

He said that he had nothing to be thankful for.

WHAT?!  Nothing to be thankful for?! 

I snapped.

All day long, I felt like I was spinning and giving in and moving forward.  I was exhausted.  And now sad.  I didn’t expect him to express his gratitude for all things motherhood that I perform on a daily basis for him, but I just wanted something to go right.

I could hear Thomas sneaking in and climbing on to the bed.  He whispered that he was sorry that he hurt my feelings.  Of course I accepted.  I was disappointed, not heartless.

There are several lessons learned on Election Day: often memories look better after they real and harsh corners have faded a bit.  Also, I need to get a handle on this demanding phase Nathan is currently experiencing.  It can really dictate how well an activity or a meal or an outing goes, and I don’t think it is fair that the whole world needs to revolve around him and his whims.

Do you struggle with how things used to be and how they are now?  How do you handle a demanding child?  Clearly, I need some help.

"Yeah.  I'm not feeling this."

She powered through the tantrum
and had a blast.  I wish I had her ability
to tune out.

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RealMommyChron said...

You are an amazing mama AND impressively in tune with your emotions. It seems that helps you then DEAL with said emotions in the best way possible.

Some of us are trying to learn from you....