Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Daisies Badges

On an impulse, Marie decided to join Daisies (formerly known as Bluebirds). 

At first my reaction was to say no.  I like to avoid organized groups like the hantavirus.  (By the way, California, you have one year to get this situation under control since that is when we will meet again).

My experience with Brownies and Girl Scouts was not what I would refer to as awesome.  (But Bluebirds rocked!)  (Which may or may not be related to the fact that my Mom was the Bluebirds troupe leader; I have fond memories of Christmas caroling and drinking hot chocolate).

However, Daisies do crafts and activities that are all centered on learning new things.  Marie’s favorite thing in the whole world is learning, second only to arts and crafts.  I mean, she has taken it upon herself to teach herself about the presidents of the United States, the Great Depression, and anything about the Olympics.

In efforts to help her find her niche, I put my personal feelings about organized groups.

Which I thought totally earned a badge, right?

Actually, since she started Daisies two week ago, I think I have earned the following badges:

Iron-on Success – You earned this badge by diligently reading the instructions on the back of the starter badges and successfully ironing them on to the vest.  Extra points earned for lining up all the numbers in a straight line and making sure everything is in the correct place.  You are well on your way to earning your sewing badge (which I don’t know how to do and was secretly one of the reasons I didn’t want Marie to join Daisies).

Last Minute Target Run - Parade is tomorrow and you were feeling all proud about the vest.  Oops!  Forgot to purchase khakis!  You earned this badge for running to Target when you would rather have been in your jammies watching the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.  You get extra points for buying the correct size on the first try and ironing the hell out of them.

Shelving Feelings about Homecoming Badge – As I said, I generally dislike organized group, which I think stems from the fear of being left out and not fitting in.  And these are the exact reasons I do not have warm, toasty memories of homecoming.  I only went twice, and they were both disasters.  You deserve this award for putting those icky feelings aside and allowing only joy for your daughter to shine through. 

On a related note, Marie can make up her mind about the whole homecoming experience on her own when she’s in high school. Given she doesn’t restrict the blood flow to her brain by the way of tight jeans.  Seriously, have you seen how tight the jeans that high school girls wear?  Or maybe they’re tights and they forgot the skirt.  Either way.

(Seriously, do I sound like an old lady yet, or what?) 

I look forward to sharing the other badges I earn this year, right along with Marie.

Tell me, is your child involved in an activity you do not love?  Please share with me so I don’t feel like such a bad mom.

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