Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To Thomas: On Your First Day of Nursery School

Dear Thomas,

Today you start your very first day of Nursery School.  You woke up today so excited that today was The Day.  While we waited for the bus to come pick up Sissy this morning, you proudly told everyone, “Today I go to *my* school.  All by myself.”  And in case the people could not glean the excitement from your voice, you jumped up and down which communicated your statement in bolded, all caps and exclamation points.

Around lunchtime, as we were getting ready to leave, your energy shifted.  You became upset that you couldn’t eat your lunch at school.  I couldn’t tell if you were truly upset that you couldn’t eat your lunch at school, or if it was a diversion from actually going to school.  Daddy magically got you to come to the table and eat your lunch.   I reminded you that I packed the pictures of us in your backpack in case you missed us.  You looked up with those blue eyes and asked if your baby doll, Baby Jammies, could come with you.  I told you, “Of course.”

On the way drive to school, you were quiet.  I asked if you were scared, and you said, “I not scared.  I told you.  Just nervous.”  Pretty articulate for such a little boy.

Which makes me feel confident that you are going to be fine in school.  In fact, I think you are going to be better than fine.  You are going to be terrific!  You have such a great way of communicating your feelings.  You not only use your words, but you use your whole body and face. 

You also know all of your colors, letters (and their sounds), and numbers up to fifteen.  And last week, when I was meeting your teacher, I saw how you listened to her and were not swayed by those who were having a hard time sitting still in circle time. 

All your nervous feelings melted away once we got to school.  You were back to being excited.  I watched you as you hung up your backpack by your symbol that you chose last week and went to find the monster trucks.  No tears.  No nothing.

Today is The Day!

Thomas, you are going to rock nursery school this year!  Since you already have a lot covered before you even began school, I just want to tell you this:  that little voice that tells you right from wrong – listen to that.  Always.  We are going to be apart for four hours a week, and you won’t be able to look at me with those part curious, part mischievous eyes for an answer of what you should or should not be doing.  Listen to that little voice, and remember to always practice kindness.  There are a lot of people out there that don’t value the importance of kindness.  Give those people space because they like to make everyone around them feel small and sad. 

And you don’t deserve that.  You deserve to be around kind people that shine from in the inside.  Just like you.  You have an amazing light that shines from you.

My wish is for you to always have that light that shines from within.

I love you forever,


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