Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I believe that I have strong instincts.  I feel them nagging at me in a physical way.  There is often a prick of heat in my gut or a humming in my ear.

And like a jerk, I tend to ignore them. Well, not ignore, more like rationalize away. Where's the proof? Am I overreacting? 

I'm pretty sure the lack of confidence in my instincts probably comes from this being a common theme throughout my life. Yes, experiencing self-doubt is a terrible feeling, but I'm not a victim. I'm working on trusting my gut and reclaiming my power, one personal boundary at a time.

So when I witness people unabashedly going with their instincts, I am inspired and in awe of their courage.  Reading about a mother’s journey in Little Patient,Big Doctor left me feeling motivated to trust my gut.  It's a story about how Haleh’s children had bizarre health issues that she felt the doctors were not treating correctly. She values what the doctors said, but something just didn't sit right with her.  She was never rude or arrogant; never claimed that she knew better. She just did t agree with the immune suppressing treatment she was supposed to be giving to her son if she could be make lifestyle changes instead. 

I admire that she never just blindly accepted what the doctors said. She wanted to understand the reasons for the treatments and understand the side effects.  And most of all, it something didn't feel right to her, she researched by getting other opinions and educating herself.

Although the story revolves around her sons and learning how to become your child’s advocate, my takeaway was the message of listening to instincts. 

For someone who is in the throes of doing so, Haleh’s story of listening to her instincts reassured me that sometimes that feeling in my gut is important and should not be dismissed, whether it has to do with advocating for my children or breaking ineffective behavior patterns in order to heal from old wounds .

Do you ever ignore your instincts? 

*I was provided a copy of Little Patient, Big Doctor but all my opinions are all my own. 

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