Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Do You Think Thursdays with Skinny Scoop: Nostalgia

I have almost completed the first week back from a whole week off for Presidents Day.  And suffice to say, this has been The. Longest. Week. Ever.  The week of “vacation” was fun.* Play dates were fun.  We baked.  We went to the Henry Ford Museum. 

However, it takes work to be a cruise director.  Add a slew of out-town guests for a death in the family and an injured husband and it was a crazy week.

Even though it was nice to catch up with family that I haven’t seen in a while and spend some quality time with The Babes, sometimes  I long for easier times when getting a five-page term paper and figuring out what party I was going to go to were my biggest worries.  (Worries?  If I knew then what I know now –geez)!  I fondly remember the times when I would pretend my empty beer bottle was a microphone as I belted out Don’t Speak by No Doubt with my freshly pink highlighted hair.

But those days are long gone.  Long. Gone.  And I don’t want to go back because there were plenty of things I didn’t like about my 20’s.  But I like to reminisce.  I find the best way to remember those times without looking like a desperate fool (you know, getting lit up at a party while dressed in an outfit that no longer looks appropriate in my post-baby body)is to listen to the music that I rocked out during that oh-so-brief time in my life.

Without further ado, I present to you My Playlist: 1995 – 2000:

What songs remind you of that magical time known as your late teens, early twenties?

* It’s not a vacation unless I’m on a sandy beach with a rum drink in my hand with nothing but the sound of waves crashing along the shore.  


Annie said...

I wouldn't have taken you for such a No Doubt girl!

While I can't agree with that one, pretty much all the rest are on point. ;)

No diggity. No doubt. (Okay, I think that's maybe pre-2005, but whatever.)

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

Just LOOKING at this list has really brought me back in time.

*sigh of contentment*

Mommy on the Spot said...

"sigh of contentment" - what a perfect way to describe that feeling!