Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reasons I *Heart* Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day.  I know some people get all uppity and cynical; they claim it’s a Hallmark Holiday.

I could not disagree more.

I am totally OK with a holiday that

A) Celebrates people I love.  It’s not that I need a holiday to do that, but there is something about this holiday that adds some fun and lightness to it.  Maybe it’s the fun décor or yummy treats without the stress of planning parties to accommodate everyone’s different and busy schedules.  It’s just fun.  (Side note: it’s not like we don’t buy presents and are nice to others only at Christmas.  Why does Valentine’s Day get the bad rap?)

B) Breaks up the monotony of winter. (Which has been especially monotonous with barely any snow and 47 days plus of sickness).

C) Revolves around eating chocolate in various forms.  Cupcakes, candy, whatever.  I love it.  (Except Hershey Kisses.  Ever since Thomas was born, that particular brand of chocolate tastes like dirt to me.  At first I was sad.  Now, I (and the scale) am totally fine with it).

Here’s the thing: I love holidays mostly because I love the tradition of it all.  It makes me feel happy and cozy.  I want The Babes to look back and say they had fun baking cupcakes and making cards.  I want them to remember eating their favorite meal (this year, it will be tacos) on the fun tablecloth. 

I have vivid memories of sitting around my kitchen table as a kid opening the Valentine’s card and some candy from my parents and brother.  Ordinary, yet special stuff.

Traditions, whether it’s shopping for Valentine’s Day stuff or baking Christmas cookies or eating pizza while we watch a movie together every Friday night, are what hold us together as a family. 

Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!


Michelle said...

Erin, I could not agree more!

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

Today is so much pressure!!!!

Mommy on the Spot said...


Mommy on the Spot said...

Whenever I feel like that during any holiday, chocolate and perhaps an alcoholic beverage seems to do me good.