Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Do You Think Thursday with Skinny Scoop – Thoughts on Release and Exercise

Good news! I am officially done with my pity party! It turns out that the strange and extremely intense pain on my side was scar tissue. My angel of a physical therapist did some scar release massage. There was a pop, and then this relaxing sensation throughout my side and hip socket.

I was so scared that I did an exercise wrong or some internal organ was damaged. I don’t know what was worse: the physical pain of the tangled up scar tissue or how hard I beat myself up for possibly doing something wrong.

My physical therapist assured me I did nothing wrong. She must have sensed how depressed I was because she looked me in the eye and said it twice.

Why am I so hard on myself? Why is it so hard for me to release the notion that everything is my fault?

In yoga, my teacher says that we store a lot of tension in our hips joints. I think there might be something to that. Maybe with the release massage, I can start to release this inner-tension and begin to be kinder to myself.

In the meantime, I plan on celebrating by going to Zumba on Tuesday!

I hope that I am strong enough to get back into my former regular routine that, after much trial and error, helped me feel balanced and healthy, both physically and mentally.

What kind of exercises make you feel better both in your mind and body?

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