Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Pre-BlogHer11 Post: Otherwise Titled My Mini Nervous Breakdown

Before I make my pilgrimage from Detroit to San Diego for the incredible event which is BlogHer, I seem to be experiencing great mounds of chaotic thoughts dipped in excitement and sprinkled (heavily) in guilt and anxiety. Sounds delicious, right?

So here is my running scroll of thoughts. Unfiltered, of course:

- I need to make my final To Do List

- Hey, don’t forget to put “get birthday gift for Marie’s friend’s party.”

- Oh, yes and with that gift, be sure to remind Harrington that Marie *MUST* wear her water shoes in the locker room when they go swimming at this party.

- Should I clean the house? Hellz to the no. . . I cleaned last week.

- Hmm, is it possible that Thomas will have that much needed attitude adjustment by the time I get back?

- Don’t forget to paint your toes, for Christ’s sake!

- Pack my suitcase (carry on that is. I talk about the contents of that suitcase here, here, and here).

- Do not forget to pack those two last minute toiletries or your hair will be a mess.

- You know what sounds like a good coping mechanism? Having a shot of vodka with my morning orange juice.

- Wonder if California falls off into the ocean this weekend.

- The dirt pudding I made with Marie was secretly more for me than for her. I needed the quality time because when I get back, three weeks later she’ll start kindergarten. (Did you hear that thud? That was my heart dropping to the bottom of my stomach).

- Oh, be sure to pack plenty of Tums.

- Also, be sure not to make an asshole out of yourself.

- If you do, in fact, get to meet Stefanie Wilder-Taylor (you know, from Baby on Bored, Sippy Cups Aren’t for Chardonnay, and her newest book, I'm Kind of a Big Deal: And Other Delusions of Adequacy ), don’t do what you did when you met Amy Wilson from When Did I Get This Like This?  Not. Cool.

- Deep breathing is not working, maybe because my kids are climbing the walls in this torturous heat. Either that or the guilt and stress of leaving The Babes is eating away my intestines.

- This leads me to believe that I need to get out more often. No way should leaving home be this hard. At least it isn’t for Harrington. He just throws all this stuff in a suitcase about 2.5 minutes before he breezes out the door. I am sure there is a lesson in that.

I can’t wait to tell you all about my time at BlogHer11. Be sure to check out my Facebook page or on Twitter for updates and photos!

Have a great week!


Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

So looking forward to meeting you in San Diego this weekend.

p.s. If you'd like to come with me to hang out with Stef, she'll have her newest books with her and you can get one for free.

drop me a line at flourishinrprogress at gmail dot com

Sparkling said...

You must be so excited to meet some real live bloggers that you like!! Forget the kids- have a blast!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope you have a fantastic time!

Jackie said...

I am sure you will have a great time. Take advantage of some fun time for yourself and have a blast.

Lindsay Maddox said...

Ha!! I love this post! And my oldest is heading to Kindergarten, too. How did that happen?!

Catching up with you was one of the highlights of my trip. You are awesome, Erin!