Friday, March 11, 2011

Feel Good Friday – Paczki Day (Otherwise Known as Mardi Gras)

Hosted by Lia Sophia Tomgirl

In other parts other parts of the country, Mardi Gras is celebrated with parades and alcohol and beads and more alcohol.

But here in the Midwest, specifically in the suburbs of Detroit, we do without the alcohol and parades. Instead, we live it up with Paczki Day. (Pronounced poon-chkee)

What’s Paczki Day, you ask?

It’s a Polish tradition before Ash Wednesday where one eats copious amounts of fried dough filled with jelly or custard. There’s like a gagillion calories in just one. In theory, it’s OK because then one would give up such indulgences during Lent.

It’s such a big deal, that people (like my uncle) will go to Hamtramck (the epicenter of all that is Polish in the Detroit area) in the wee hours of the morning and wait, often times for hours in a line that winds around the block, for their precious paczki.

I, fortunately, did not need to go to such extremes to enjoy these fried goodies. In the morning, The Babes and I went to my parents’ house to instill the importance of this gluttonous tradition and enjoy our Paczkis.

But get this – on the way to their house, I found out that I won free Paczkis in a contest that I entered at the Macomb Patch! And if you are local, you need to check out this website. It. Is. Awesome. They report what's going on in my neighborhood. And not in a dry, boring kind of way either.  More like a juicy, interesting news with an interactive approach.   And they give out Paczkis. Seriously, I love them!

And so do the Babes! Well, the paczkis anyway. Check out these pictures of them trying to scale the refrigerator to get the paczkis I hid:

Well, everyone, have a great weekend! I will be out of the office for the week, but be sure to check out my guest post by Real Mommy Chronicles!!

I’ll be back next Friday with tales from a far off land called California where I hear they have something called sunshine and warm weather. I hope I don’t disintegrate into ashes upon seeing the sun due to my uber winter white skin.

Have a great weekend!


Sparkling said...

That paczki stuff is a big deal here too, but not because any of us around here are Polish. I don't know why they have it. And I don't know anyone who eats it. But the grocery store always makes a big deal, like we've waited all year. It sounds divine. And you won, how awesome is that!

thanks for coming by and linking up!

Mommy on the Spot said...

You should try them - they are delish! Custard is my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of paczki before. It sounds divine.
Enjoy California!

Mommy on the Spot said...

Thanks, Purplume!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Have a great time in California! It's been unusually warm here for the last few days, so let's hope the sun holds out for your visit!

Also, mmmmm, my mouth is watering. I was going to be healthy today, but I need to go find some sort of doughy, yummy thing now. =)