Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless-ish Wednesday - Halloween Edition

Sketch it out: the commencing of pumpkin carving.
Note how engaged Thomas is. 
And yes, that is a black magic marker in his hands.

I can't get her to eat sweet potatoes,
 but she'll try that nasty gunk in a pumpkin. 

At first Thomas was disgusted by the pumpkin, but quickly
became intrigued.
So intrigued, he sat right up there on the table.
I kept telling him to get off the table . . .
right after I take just one more picture.  Yes, I
know I'll be paying for this later.
Jesse says, "YEE-HAW!"
Please take a moment to appreciate
this one with the hood on.
 Because it took FOREVER to take it!
Well worth it, if you ask me.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun! Jessie looks super cute! So does the dragon! Love it! Heidi

Anonymous said...

Precious precious pictures! They remind me of many Halloweens and the fun we had as a family.
Thanks for sharing!

Aunt Diane (the immobile)

Ali P. said...

Love it! I find myself skipping things like pumpkins and decorations for now - I'll wait until Rome can appreciate it a bit more... that's not lazy, right? Strategic!

Mom et al said...

Heh, I was Jessie for Halloween too! Although I'm not sharing the pictures. :)

Your little ones do indeed look adorable!!!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

They are super cute and adorable. We carved 4 pumpkins even though the insides make me want to hurl. Now EMily does that part - she loves it!