Friday, November 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday – Rant and then a Rave

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Before I get to my list of five things that made me feel good this week, I need to get this rant out first.
I am not one to wait to the last minute to get snow gear and holiday outfits. I was burned one year when Marie was just a baby. I waited too long to get her mittens. By too long, I mean late November/early December. Luckily, she was too young to play in the snow so I just pulled her way long sleeves over her little hands. Needless to say, I don’t mess around when it comes to this stuff.

How is it that Old Navy only has three pairs of snow pants left? When I was in there three weeks ago to buy a jacket, they had no snow pants.

And now they are almost gone?!

And none of them fit her!

Marie was blessed with her mother’s long, long legs and short, short torso (where we hold all of our padding). So when pants fit us in the waist, they are lllooonnnggg in the length. When pants fit in the length, they are too tight in the waist. It just seems totally unfair that at age 4, she needs to be bothered with any of this. Except she’s not bothered by it because I don’t bitch about it infront of her. It’s my body image prevention plan. However, I am the one running around town like a crazy lady cursing that it’s barely cold out, and I am literally SWEATING trying to find this stuff.

Finding a winter coat and snow pants that fit her is totally freaking me out. And I blame the stores for making me feel like I am a bad mom if I don’t get this winter gear before Halloween. Because you know, as soon as Christmas is over, there will be SUMMER gear in the stores. Really?!

Ok, let’s take a break. Here’s a picture of one of the options. A bit too big, right?

She looks like Randy from A Christmas Story when
he couldn't put his arms down.  Related: I
looked like his mother when she was getting
him ready for deep-sea diving.

And if you are wondering about Thomas, the first thing I tried on him, fit. This may be a generalization, but I think boys might be a little easier to shop for . . .mainly because I am not wrestling with a 1/4 zipper and super low riding pants. Just a thought.

So enough of this rant of modern day marketing strategies making me feel all shitty about myself. Let’s get to the rave part of today’s post:

1. The Switch Witch was a complete success! And now I don’t have to worry about looking like a snowman BEFORE Christmas.

Look what the Switch Witch brought - a roll
of coloring sheets!  Yea!  (Marie had already
taken her out before I could take the picture.

She had been up for about 3.5 minutes and hadn't
even eaten breakfast yet.  I think Harrington and I
are going to miss the candy more than they are.

2. Just Dance 2 – it helped to manage my candy intake AND bond with Marie. I’d say that’s quite a lot for a video game, don’t you think? (Also, my new high score for Proud Mary is 8651. Did I mention that there are turns in that song)?

3. Date night is tomorrow! I can’t remember the last time I went out on a date at night for dinner. I don’t count Vancouver since we were accompanied with Harrington’s work people.

4. Picasa Photo – totally revamped the way I manage my trillions of family photos.

5. Modern Family – I just love that show! I wish Mitch lived nearby so we could hang out. I am sure Thomas and Lily would get along famously.

6. I got The Babes their Christmas outfits pretty much done.

So Friends, enough about me. Got anything you want to rant or rave about?

Oh, and I do have a question: Do you know anything about livejournal sites? I have gotten a ton of hits from blogs hosted from this site. Except it’s in a language I can’t read. Has this ever happened to you?


RN Mama said...

I have been totally burned with the snow gear before too!! Last year when Alivia lost her gloves for the 100th time we told her SHE had to buy a new pair this time....this was in January, and we had to go to FIVE stores before we found one pair of gloves! This is MI people, we should have gloves available all year!! :)

I loved your list of things...we are loving Just Dance 2 over here too, and Modern Family is HILARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Old Navy sucks. Even Ashleigh has a hard time fitting into their pants. Have you tried Kohls or JC Penney? They usually have large selections. I wish I could help with the shopping but you would have to kick someone out of the stroller so I could come along!

Here's my rant: I've spent two days on the phone with parents about their kids' grades and I'm on leave until after Christmas! Seriously people, where were you at midterm?

Here's my rave: my awesome family and friends who have helped me, John and Alex deal with my immobility. And a big shout out to Jackson, Kristin and Zoe for totally making my sad face a happy face!

Aunt Diane

Mommy on the Spot said...

RN Mama, I totally agree - this is michigan! We can have snow in April!

Aunt Diane, those silly parents, waiting until the last minute to fx it. Wherever do those kids get it from? LOVE your shout out!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

You, me, Emily and Marie: Long Legs and short torsos.


Yes, I HATE the winter snow gear buying. It is insane and I HATE that summer clothes come out so fast.

I don't have snowpants for Sarah yet. I think I am going to have to find boy's pants because the girl ones are sold out. Boy snowpants never seem to run out.

I know nothing about LiveJournal.

A HUMONGOUS thank you for mentioning the contest! Now that I have done the initial giveaway to promote it, I have no way of getting thw word out except through the groups I belong to - so THANK YOU :-)

New York Mama said...

I totally agree with Aunt Diane!JC Penny & Kohls always seem to have much more to choose from than Old Navy. Have you tried figuring out sizes than ordering online?

If you ever need things like gloves, hats, scarves, etc.(sorry not snowpants :() I can get them from street vendors in NYC, as long as it's cold outside, (even in April)

My family/I loves loves loves Picassa. I just checked & we have 9,378 pics stored there! I haven't even finished scanning 1/2 of my waay old pics yet. Because we have so many pics, once in awhile can't locate ALL of them in Picassa. I would so love a Picassa workshop!

I think Switch Witch is waaay cooool!

Terry Elisabeth said...

Old Navy ! Nothing fits wuite right on me.
I never had hits from Live Journal sites but I have some from marketing sites and repertories where I didn't submit my blog.

Krajcimama said...

OMG!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the introduction to Picassa! Why didn't I know about this? Why didn't I ever try this before? It's AWESOME! :)

Thanks again! I love that you can edit the pics, too...I have had such a hard time finding something that I could use to edit pics that was easy enough for me - I'm just not good at photo editing! :)

Wendi said...

I'm going to have to check out Picassa. You're the 50th person who has raved about it.

Amy said...

I share your pain on the clothes issue. Even though I have a boy, my main complaint is that there are gobs (yes, that's a totally realistic amount) of little girl clothes and not much selection for little boys. Also, I have 2 1/2 year old who will only fit in size 18 mo pants.

P.S. Shop online when it comes to Old Navy. They have better selection than in their stores, more sizes, etc. If you don't mind paying a few bucks for shipping it's the better way to go.