Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock that Roast Beef!

So how do I follow up a serious post about PMDD and Celexa?  With a sort of Wordless Wednesday post about cooking beef, of course!

I grew up in a meat and potatoes house. We had some sort of meat and baked potato almost every night for dinner. Yet I left home not knowing how to make a roast or the what cuts beef are for what. My Mom showed me how to make roast beef when I was treading water with Thomas as a newborn, and I had made it maybe one more time. I always get worried if I screw it up and then what will we eat for dinner? With a Costco-sized box of chicken nuggets in reserve, I threw caution to the wind because I’ll tell you what; I'm tired of cooking almost every day. So I fired up the new stove as I honed my mad, roasting skills.

That piece of meat turned out AWESOME! I stuffed it full of garlic and even made gravy.

And since I made a mistake and bought individual sized packages
of instant flavored mashed potatoes, we each got our own flavor. WIN!

The only thing missing was my dress, pearl necklace, and telling Eddie Hascal to stop being such a smart ass! (You know June Cleaver was just chomping at the bit to say that)!

So, Friends, have you mastered any new skills lately?

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

No new skills :-(

Thanks for the reminder to put roast on the menu!