Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Thought You Might Want to Know

I am on a scrapbooking league (I’m sorry if you thought I was cooler than I really am, but please do not stop reading here) with Ann, a friend I’ve had for twenty years and Joy, a friend I met in my daughter’s playgroup that I have known for 3 ½ years. As we were looking at some old pictures, we started talking about our lives before kids. Now, Ann pretty much knows everything there is to know about me. So it was kind of weird to have someone who I feel I know, but really knows nothing about me and my pre-mommy days. Ann was shocked that some of this stuff never has come up in the 3 ½ years that we have been getting together for play dates. What can I say? Mommies really like to talk about their kids. It’s safe, it’s relevant. I feel like we kind of jumped in to our friendship while we were redefining ourselves as mommies. And don’t get me wrong, being a stay-at-home-mom is pretty defining. However, I do feel there are things that I did before kids that are pretty interesting. So here are some of them. Maybe the next time we get together, let’s use this as a spring board to get to know each other a little more.

1. I went to U of M my freshman year of college and HATED it! I was wait-listed for a year and set up everything at a smaller state college. Then I received a letter asking if I wanted to remain waiting listed. I said no. My Mom sent in the letter (unbeknownst to me), and I was accepted. So I went because I was afraid to be so far from home and my high school boyfriend (even though we broke up during my first semester). I cried almost every day during second semester. I wanted to come home, and my parents said no. I thought everyone was too competitive, and after being defined by being a high school honor student I wanted a break and have some fun. After that year, I transferred to my original school and had a much better experience.

2. I worked a lot in the food service industry, but I was never a waitress because I can’t do math in my head.

3. I also worked as a secretary at a pet crematorium. That was interesting.

4. After living with an assortment of wierdos during my first two years at college, I lived alone pretty much until I got married.

5. I LOVE the Beastie Boys (I think Paul’s Boutique is genius), Weezer (Pinkerton is the best), Jay-Z, Kid Rock (I’ve seen him live 4 times), and No Doubt (I’ve seen them live 2 times).

6. I can speak Spanish OK, but get a few drinks in my, and I become magically more fluent. I also taught myself enough French and Italian to get by.

7. I once had dyed pink streaks in my hair.

8. I took a train from Michigan to California with my family and grandfather when I was 12 years old.

9. I used to love Tequila. I also used to drink Stoli and tonics with lime (soda if I was watching my weight).

10. I had a pimp and hoes party for my 27th birthday complete with costumes and Mickey’s Iced 40s in paper bags (a nod to my malt liquor drinking days).

11. I went to the bar in the New York Meatpacking District that Coyote Ugly was based on (but I didn’t take my top off).

12. I went to Europe three times by the time I was 27. My first time was a class trip to Spain. My second time was with my boyfriend after I graduated from high school to visit his dad that lived in Germany. My third time was when I went with my husband and, and we went to France and Italy.

13. I can’t tell you how many times I saw Pulp Fiction. It is one of my favorite movies of all time!

So there you go. There are some things about me that have NOTHING to do with having kids. (Ann, am I missing anything? Remember my Mom reads this)!

Now you spill it! Tell me something about you that is common knowledge, but maybe your mommy friends (or work friends) don’t know about you.


traduda said...

Hey! I loved reading this stuff about you! I also love the Beastie Boys and Weezer. It may interest you to know that I worked for Spike Jonze in L.A. when I was 21. But b/c of a guy, I came home and missed out on what could have been a Hollywood opportunity. Weezer's "Island in the Sun" was mine and Greg's informal wedding song - since we married barefoot on the beach on Maui. And also, I have a tattoo of a dragonfly on my lower hip area, and no it wasn't a drunken mistake. I got it on my 35th b'day. :)

I'll share some crazy a$$ stories with you in a more private setting, lol.

Aunt Becky said...

Hm. I can't touch raw meat without wearing gloves. Period.

Laura said...

I love this post because sometimes when you become a mommy, the "me" part gets lost or overlooked. It is nice to honor yourself as a person AND as a mother. I love being with my friends who knew me before I (as my 11 yo has so eloquently said in the past) "killed all the fun in the world." Yeah... he has NO idea how much fun I used to be. In fact, it was an evening of too much fun that brought him to life on this planet.

Mommy on the Spot said...

Tracy, I can't WAIT to hear those stories. And Spike Jonze?! How cool!!

Aunt Becky, right there with you. I think I left a comment on one of your posts about I don't know what disturbes me more, raw chicken or my obssessive nature in santizing the kitchen after preparing it.

Laura, so true!

Kendra said...

Yeah, there are definitely things that our mommy friends don't know about us--just because we only end up talking about our post-mommy lives!

I almost moved to Buffalo, NY, after college. I'm from Minnesota and graduated with no idea what to do next. A friend was starting graduate school in Buffalo and I nearly moved out there with her but backed out at the last minute. In the end, she only stayed one year there. I still feel kind of bad about that and wonder sometimes what would be different if I had gone. I think I stranded her in a snowbound wasteland. But she seems happy now, so I hope it worked out for the best.

Anonymous said...

I think it took a long time, and a few glasses of wine, before my mommy friends got to know the real me. It takes time but is well worth it. :) Going back to my college for my 10 year reunion also helped me remember the pre-kid and pre-husband side of me. It was nice to go back and remember that part of my life for the day but it also made me realize that I would not want to be there now. I'm glad I have the memories and it's fun to reminisce but home with my kids and husband is where I'm supposed to be right now. Anyway.... I'm trying to think of something nobody would ever guess about me.... maybe that I worked in a factory as a welder for a summer or that I went to Space Camp when I was 12. I went bio-luminesence swimming in Puerto Rico and swam with sting rays. I had a ridiculous alcohol induced convesation with David Hall (former Rockfinancial spokesman) at a local bar recently and also "lost" my car in downtown Rochester after a girls night out (I was driven home.) ... hopefully that means there's still some fun left in this 30 something mom, even if it can only come out once in awhile. :)

Moonspun said...

I am totally fascinated by Number 3 and Number 10.
I have been skinny dipping in Lake Michigan