The Lady Behind the Look

I am so lucky to have worked with Paper Dahlia Design Company.  It has been just over a year when I revealed my new look.  I am still in love with it.  LOVE!

Here’s the an excerpt from the post that I lamented my deep love for the work of Lyndsay at Paper Dahlia Design Company.

Hello, Friends! Take a look around. Notice anything new? I went from brunette to blonde (my actual hair color)! I also have a new header, profile avatar, and business cards. I felt the time was right to update my look since I was getting business cards for BlogHer. And since I am on the subject of BlogHer, where my real name will appear on my badge, and we’ve known each other for a whole year now, I thought I would formally introduce myself. Hi, my name is Erin. So nice to finally get that out there.

Anyway, enough of the formalities. Who is to thank for this great, new look? Lyndsay at Paper Dahlia Design Co. She is incredibly talented, nice, smart, and funny. She is also very reliable. Lyndsay is very easy to work with. Did I mention that she reasonably priced as well? Not only did I get this lovely new look complete with business cards, look how she delivered it to me:

I LOVE her! Lyndsay is the total package; creative and organized. She exceeded my expectations. Check her out at Go to this site to check out what the whole finished product looks like.

As talented and awesome and creative as Lyndsay is, I don’t think she realized what her service really did for me. I didn’t even expect the feelings that came along with opening that beautifully wrapped box of business cards and media disk, along with coordinating tissue paper and satin bow. When I looked at those cards, it was like I was seeing myself in a whole different light. There it was, in pink and turquoise, I am committing to this path of freelance writer/ blogger. I felt like I wasn’t on the fence about trying this new path; I am on it.

In honor of her fantastic work, I am going to unveil a piece she had done for me while we were working on the concept.  I love this image!

Thank you again, Lyndsay!  You are awesome!

And if you want in on this awesomeness, check out her website!