Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Do You Think Thursdays with Skinny Scoop: A Personal Reflection through Produce

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The other day, I was at the market and reveling in the fact that is really, truly spring.* There was beautiful asparagus grown right here in Michigan.  I couldn’t wait to try the fresh corn on the cob and the gorgeous, deep purple eggplant from Florida.  I snatched up the sweet, juicy peaches. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the basil plants that just get me all excited for summer weather!

When I go to check out, I start chatting it up with the cashier about how I excited I was to see fresh, domestic produce.  Seriously, it was like I was possessed by spring the way I was going on and on and on about . . . produce.

As I drove away in my red minivan.  Humming Just Like a Rock Star from the Fresh Beat Band. 

I couldn’t believe my ears.  My early-20’s self was cringing. Back then, I would get excited about the unlimited amount of free nacho cheese that was served in the dorms.  I also remember this level of excitement was reserved for stumbling across free beer.  I thought I died and went to heaven when I was a cruise and there was an all-you-can eat soft serve ice cream bar.

But becoming a mother has definitely changed my perspective on all of that.  I take food pretty seriously.  My friends and I talk about healthy foods all the time.  I can go on forever about how I am trying to win the war of having my family eating quinoa.

But more than that, I think that having kids has been a great teacher in living in the moment.  I have learned to be grateful for each season because it brings something special.  And right now, that something special is delicious produce.  I like to prepare them as simply as I can so the vegetable is the true star.  Here’s a list of my faves:

What do you look forward to now that you never thought you would?

 *When living in Michigan, I never feel safe to declare spring until late May because the weather is so erratic. It’s been known to snow in April.  Just sayin’

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